SP, AP, LD, and nightmare all in one night

Last night was by far the strangest night Ive ever had in my life. I had about 7 SP… Every time I went to sleep I was paralized, and these people kept coming in my room while I was expirancing SP. One time I had a SP, and induced AP, but it was allso freightning, because as I was lifting out of my body, I heard a electronic voice calling my name. I allso had some very bizzar dreams after I sucesfully went to sleep without a SP, and was lucid for a short time. I loved the expirance after I woke up the next morning, but while it was going on it was very scary. I allmost think there may have been some telepathy or some shared dreaming going on. It was very vivid, and powerfull!!!

Bizarre indeed. Did anything different happen in your day that day? I’m very interested in possibilities why this might have occured…

I think it might be, because I moved, and I slept in a diffrent room, this was my secound night. Nothing really happaned the first night. I did eat a few carrots, which I dont usually eat carrots. Ill try it againe tonight. I just wish you could have expiranced just some of what I expiranced. Ive never really had SP, but lastnight I couldnt stop having them.