SP Question/Problem...

I’m new here and i have a quick question for you.
Whenever I try to WILD, I can enter SP fairly easily. However, I do not always get the weird vibrating or other sensations that some people describe. Is this normal? Also, once I cannot move, my mind is still 100% awake as if I have just lied down. Is this why I cannot seem to get into the dream??? :confused:
Thanks in advance for your help

hi and welcome! :wave:

WILD can be different from dreamer to dreamer, and even from one WILD to the other. Some people never feel vibrations, some never get HI, and so on.

I myself, for example, rarely get a WILD with SP (so I might not be the best one to help here :wink: ). You can try to focus your attention, once you get to SP, on the blackness behind your eyelids, or the blackness in your mind. If you keep focus there images should evolve (but again, not necessarily!) If you only see some colors or other simple things, just focus on that, but focus gently! To hard of a focus can be counter productive. Just watch passively and they should evolve into more vivid and stable images. At one point you’ll just get the feeling you can step in the dream!

If you have trouble getting images you can try to create some sensations too. You can imagine you’re someplace else. Imagine as vividly as you can that you are rubbing the walls or doors or trees. For me the sense of touch comes first. Then you just play around with that, imagine other senses appearing.

Good luck and feel free to post any other questions you have (or if I made no sense above :tongue:)

Thank you so much!
I will try again tonight. Also, how do you actually transition from the SP to the dream? Do you actually need to move yourself or do you just kind of concentrate and float into it?

hmm, that can vary a bit. The general best idea is to forget about your physical body (by focussing on HI, for example). So if you’re seeing some vivid HI and you feel it’s stable enough to enter you just kinda look around. You’re there!

There are other ways too though. Once I found myself in SP and had no HI, so I didn’t really have anything to focus on. I tried this thing I saw someplace where I imagined my body spin around until my head got to where my feet were. I could feel my paralised physical body AND my dream body at the same time. As they weren’t exactly in the same place I could easily separate them.

Because when you’re in SP if you try to move your body as you usually do while awake (using your muscles) it doesn’t really work. So you have to “imagine” the movement. It’s kinda hard to explain but if you succeed at it you’ll feel the difference :wink:

(some people may have different and equally valid experiences and opinions than what I’m saying :tongue:)

Good luck and let me know how it went!

Well, I was able to enter SP fairly easily. Again I felt no vibrations and saw no HI. However, I concentrated on trying to spin my dream body around. I just started to feel it work when my cat came into my room and jumped on me. :grrr: Tomorrow night I will make sure to close my door before starting!

aw :sad: that sucks. well you seem to be able to get to SP fairly easy and that’s a great thing! What happens some times with me is someone comes disturb me but it’s actually in a dream! So it’s useful to do a RC at those times (I’ve never remembered though…)