Spawning Coins In My Backpack

This is an ability I discovered a week ago when I was entering bus 52 at Korsvägen (Crossroad). After paying the trip (the only things I had in that pocket was a phone, keys and the card), a coin of 1 SEK. I thought it was that I forgot one coin in the bag, but the day after the coin was a coin of 5 SEK. Now I wondered if I was wake or not, taking out an amount five times the first coin. And lastly today I again dropped a coin of 1 SEK (WTF). I checked the back an correct, I found a coin, but even more odd, it was a coin of 10 SEK, then ANOTHER 1-SEK coin fell down, total 12 SEK. I dont know if this ability is common :shy:

In my second, totally-not-shared-with-anyone-else-due-to-pure-awesomeness (or my laziness :razz: ) LD, I managed to create for myself £50 using the “It’s definitely in my pocket” technique.

Actually, it was £50 with £70 written above it, so I figured it was worth £120.

Now comes the hard part… you must decide what to spend it on. :razz:

I spent mine on a one-way flight back to England.

But, I didn’t take the flight - I passed the time by doing other things (LOADS! What an LD that was!) and by the time the plane should have been soon to take off, the LD ended.

Now you are on the siderails, I spawned the coins IRL :razz: Imagine spawning millions of money, you dont even need to work, but I dont think you believe me :razz:

Are you serious?? HA! Cool, I’d be rich by now if I could do that!

I have never heard of that before!

Are you serious?

Hate to be the skeptical one, but I must admit I doubt there was any real power behind it.

I’ve done basically the same thing. “Made” about 75 cents from coins "mysteriously appearing in my pockets.
Usually it’s just a matter of forgetting exactly what you ave in your pocket, or dropping a coin or 2 in by accident, or even more likely, miscounting. Most likely though, you counted correctly, but didn’t grab all of the coins out of your pocket or bag.

If you really want to test this theory though, write down the exact amount you have every time you look, and make sure you don’t forget to count a coin.
(also note when you spend or get more. :wink: )
Would be a neat power to have though, nonetheless.

I checked my bag today, this spawning is slow, I need more than one day, give me one week and Ill post the results here. It had been :puh: to humanity if I always have some millions in the pocket :tongue:

Yesterday I cheked my bag, still 12 SEK. When I was looking today: [spoiler]17 SEK[/spoiler] Do you believe in me NOW?
Ysim, DO YOU!

one time in a whim of inspiration I said “God please give me a quarter for laundry!” in a very happy playful way

a whiles later when i headed out the door a quarter fell from seemingly no where and landed right in front of me,

the only place it could have been was propped atop a door-knob,

I was VERY pleased at this!

perhaps coins are easier to manifest because they are metals and metals carry energy and papers do not.(asmuch)

True, its harder to spawn cash than coins :grin: coz paper is more advanced material. I think its possible to spawn cash (or whatever sedlar is on english), but it needs more focus to spawn it, Im not God and I am more interested in telekinetic energy :puh: