"speak of the devil" and other proverbs

I want to find proverbs in different languages that have the same meaning.


“Speak of the devil”

“När man talar om trollen” (“Speaking about the trolls”)

Snakk om Sola (“Speaking about the sun”)

So anyone know a proverb in their own language that has the same meaning as those above feel free to post it.

Alternatively if you have a proverb in your language that you know has the same meaning as a proverb in another language(feel free to post those two).

And remember don’t forget translations.

“Lupus in fabula” (“Speak of the devil” “Here he comes”)

Hmm I thought Lupus meant wolf, so I searched on the phrase on google and found this:

lupus in fabula: The wolf in the fable; talk of the devil and he will appear.

you mean “speaking of the devil” as if talking about someone and he comes right along right?

in Hebrew its
“medabrim al hahamor”
and it means
speak about the donkey :lol:

there’s another saying at those situations in which you say:
Too bad we weren’t talking about a million dollars.
“haval shelo dibarnu ul million dollar”

I’m in a Latin class!!! Do you doubt my majickal Latin Skillz???!?!

I was IN FACT!!!..
I am sorry, the correct translation is this.:

“Narro of diabolus” (“Speak of the Devil”)

in dutch is “speak of the devil” : Als je over de duivel praat, stap je op zijn staart.

In english: when you talk of the devil, you step on his tail.

“Wenn man vom Teufel spricht”
When you are talking about the devil

It’s the same in German

I googled after proverbs and voila, the proverb “Once bitten, twice shy” is on swedish “Av skadan blir man vis” (of the damage you become wise).

Both mean that you learn by your mistakes.

similar in Brazil:

e só falar no diabo que aparece o rabo

(it rhymes)

«all it takes is speaking of the devil, and behold his tail»

Norsk “Brernt barn skyr ilden”

“Burned kid avoids fire”


een ezel stoot zich in het algemeen
geen twee keer aan dezelfde steen

rhymes :grin:

literally: a donkey in general won’t hurt himself on the same rock

in other words, even a donkey avoids the same rock, learns from his mistakes.

I had never heard of “once bitten, twice shy”

Me neither, but that site had all proverbs on swedish and you could check the same proverbs on english, norwegian, danish, german or spain. It was there I found “Once bitten, twice shy” from the proverb “Av skadan blir man vis”.