Speaking other languages in dreams?

I remember a dream i had tonight in wich I was speaking french, and I remember being a bit surprised about how well I was speaking it. I do take french lessons in walking life at school twice a week, and this is my second year, so i understand french to some extend, but I’m not as good in speaking it, at least not as good as in the dream.
So i was wondering, did something like this happen to some of you? And do you think i was speaking a somewhat correct french (with maybe some words i guessed from other languages) or did I just talk complete Gibberish?

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Once when I was dreaming I spoke fluent german and german is a language I cant speak that well IRL :tongue:

Yeah I often speak Chinese in dreams

I spoke a lot of different languages on dreams before. I don’t think I ever dreamt in a language that I never learned anything about, but sometimes I just know a few words and still used it in a dream :content:

Believe it or not, the language you talk may be something either you made up or some languages your conscious has recalled irl. It’s pretty funny, in one of my ld’s i talked chinese and japanese, xd