Speaking To Your Subconscious

Can someone please tell me how to speak to my subconscious in a LD.

This is going to work differently for everyone. Try different things - speak to DCs, yell your desire to speak with your subconcious, go on a computer chat room, etc. etc. Really you just need to figure out what will be easiest and best for you personally.

If you see DCs, just talk to them. Their answers can sometimes be weird but they are part of your subconscious.
If there’s nobody, just try to speak to your subconscious directly.


In my LD last night it was in a building :smile: I know it was this because I asked at what floor was my unconscious and the girl showed me a number that had at least 10 numbers :woo:

Hope you will find it :happy:

Helie :wiske: