spider can appreciate human love

Here is a story, that just happened to me!

Today, i had come back from the shop and walking up my garden my path, i noticed a garden spider, near to my front door that was buisily spinning her web, i watched her, and when she had finished i stroked her and said how beautiful she was.

then, when my son came back from work, he went upstairs, and being the only one would came in through my door since i came in.

about half an hour after, i saw a garden spider crawling up my leg, i picked her up and thought how she got in my home, well it looked like the same spider…so i went outside and noticed her whole web had vanished.

it was the same spider… :wiske:
so i put her back on the leaf where she started her web :wiske: :wiske:

i think she trusted me and thats why she she crawled up my leg.

conclusion: spiders can communicate with those who show them love :wiske:

That’s super cute! (I could never touch a spider myself though… I’d be afraid it would bite me :shy: )

spiders here in the uk are pretty much harmless, i certainly would not touch a known poisonous one.

anyhoo, as it turns out my son did see the web, as he brushed past it, he said a spider landed on him, and he brushed it off when he saw it in our home.

what made said spider crawl up my leg was it was in tune with my force field, and was attracted to it because it is bennevolent. as it found out earlier in the day.

of course i may be delusional, but who cares lol

i have had many animals and children follow me and once my hamster got out of its cage and came up stairs and got in my bed with me after she was bitten by her many babies, and bleeding. is was like she was trying to tell me she wanted them out

soupfruit; delusional wave, and particle of sanity