spinning makes me lose lucidity!!

allirght… well i went lucid the other night… its probably like the 3rd or 4th lucid dream i’ve had in the last year or so (i tried for a bit and had acoupel… and then i just started again and this is it)… i was in some building and this girl opend a door to greet me and take me to some other room… well later in the dream she opend the door again, but the hallway snaked around instead of being just a strait one, so i was like “HEY THIS IS A DREAM…” and went lucid… at that moment the girl just smirked at me liek “NICE JOB” and so i thought id use telekenesis to close the door behind us… and that worked… and i remembered that spinnning helps you keep your lds going longer, so i started to spin and ended up spinning out of lucidity… ever happen to anyone else?

you have to imagine a new dream scene… i find that rubbing your hands and looking at them is easier

Was this your first time trying the spinning technique?

When I first tried the spinning technique I lost lucidty aswell. However I gave it a second chance and the next few times i tried it it worked rather well. Try it again and see. I agree with Toadstool that rubbing your hands works better.

i think this is the first time i remembered to spin… but i’ll stick to the hands tho… seems like a safer bet

i dont think you should spin just whenever. i think you should do it if things start to fade away or if you want to spin yourself another dream. another thing is that you should expect that your dream scene will become more vivid while you’re spinning rather than thinking about absolutely nothing. rubbing of your hands can help, also try feeling the texture of a wall or the floor. another thing you can try is yelling out “increase lucidity”.

I think doing it when the world is fading is too late. Do it (or a similar technique such as rubbing your hands) as soon as you become lucid, and perhaps again later.

The way I see things is that…

Hand Rubbing = Increase clarity and stability of the dream.

Spinning = Used to re-enter a lucid dream that has already faded greatly or completely.

At least thats just how they work for me. Others may be different.

The first time I used spinning I had a false awakening. A lot of people have some trouble with the spinning trick at first but it is easy to fix. When you first start using the spinning technique either tell yourself that the next thing you see will be a dream or as was suggested above tell yourself that you will be in a new scene. If you are not trying to change scenes then rubbing your hands together may be a lot easier and safer for you. I also agree with r3m0t you should use whatever technique you decide on when you first become lucid and again a little later in the dream to maximize your LD time. Sometimes when you wait for the dream to fade it may be too late. I have also gone from LD to wakening state with no warning so periodically stabilizing you dream can be a great help.

Hope this was helpful

Happy dreaming