When I was little, I’d always have that famous spinning feeling when I was about to sleep. This stopped for a long time, but recently it’s been happening again. I always sit and meditate before sleeping, but recently sometimes I get the spinning feeling while I’m sitting down and meditating. t’s, at the same time, good and annoying, as while I know I’m near an LD/OOBE, I also can’t sleep if I’m still sitting, so I have to lay down. Laying down usually weakens the feeling or makes it disappear completely.

Does anyone know what I should do about this? Also, how can the spinning be useful for LDs?

I’ve gotten that feeling while meditating as well. I like to think of it as my body being in such a relaxed state that it mimics falling asleep. I also enjoy the spinning becuase when it occurs for me during WILD, I’m more used to it and it doesn’t excite me as much and take me away from my WILD.

I had that spinning too… its pretty much as Eyegug said… better than some sort of HH or something which can get you off from getting WILDing… which happened 2 times to me now, duh… and before that, i didn’t know about LDing and never could remember my dreams anyway ^^

I have gotten the spinning effect a few times when trying WILD. Accompanied by other hallucinations. It came as a surprise and was unsettling. I don’t know if you can actually USE it for lucid dreaming, but it is a sign that you are losing awareness of your body and that happens when you are falling asleep. My advise would be that you just go with it. Let it lead you into a dream.

I suppose it could, but usually when I get it I’m sitting. It’s harder to sleep this way, and I’d probably end up with a backache… Any ideas?

Try meditating laying down?

:razz: I might fall asleep during the meditation… But I’ll try it.

an amethyst crystal can really help a lot

or a geode cluster of them

you would take them and soak them in water a little bit to clean the energies, and then sleep with them on your forehead, or by your head, and when you do, just pay attention to the idea that there is a completely beautiful purple energy field

i notice that it helps the forehead feel as if you can leave out of the body, and i bet it can help us re-connect to those feelings of spinning and floating when we fall asleep.

Hmm, interesting. Do you know if I can put it under my pillow or something like this? I move a lot during sleep, so I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself with it, or end up throwing it around.

If you want to lucid dream that is kind of the idea.