Hey all, I had a lucid dream last night. I started to feel myself losing it so I spun, and I had a false awakening inside my dream, i told myself I needed to go back so went back to sleep in my dream then was in a lucid dream for a bit again. I realized that I started losing lucidity after i changed the scenery and spun and when I spun this time, it woke me up for real. Any thoughts? and when i was spinning both times it was extremely fast

Were you spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Not that it makes any diffence what so ever

Maybe you should try doing a cartwheel instead

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Spinning can work as a last ditch effort to save a dream. I usually hold it for once my vision has faded completely. The nice thing is that as long as you can hold onto the feeling of spinning, you can still try to bring the dream back. I would generally recommend rubbing hands, slapping yourself or doing anything to keep your senses working without doing something that can make you lose your vision.

In short: Keep your body in movement and interact with the environment.