Spinoff of an old technique

Hey i’m going to re-post this if you don’t mind. It got deleted in the recent backup problems.
I hope it can help others like it helped me, even if it’s barely a change from the old music methods.

Anyways, my idea goes like this…

You listen to some weird music or whatever, music that is clearly different
from what you normally listen to, and play it only when you read about lucid dreams from a book or on your PC, and that is the only time you listened to it so your brain or subconsious associates it only with LD’s.

Then, play it while you sleep, and the LD’s come, or at least your dreams have something LD-related in them.

What I have used:

Yeah it is from the Zelda games. If you read this thread before, you know I’m kind of obsessed :shy:

Try it out, good luck.


Hey that’s a nice idea. I’ll give it a try, because Zelda rocks. Thanks for the theme :smile:

Cool idea, i’ll have to try it. It also seams like a great way to remind yourself to do MILD while falling asleep.

Question. Do you play in on repeat for the entire night or simply while you fall asleep?

Well, I don’t have a computer in my room, so I have to use headphones and my CD player.

I recorded that song about five or more times as the last tracks on my CD. So, when I am ready, I forward it to the first of the five or so tracks, and when they are all done playing through (hopefully when I am asleep) my CD player automatically turns off.

I guess it depends how long it takes you to fall asleep, and when you are doing it. I highly recommend doing this in association with WILDing, so you fall asleep faster and your mind is more clear and open.

Hope that helps!


PS. if anybody has a more efficient way of doing this, so we don’t have to uselessly fill up our CDs with the same song and without keeping it on all night, feel free to post it!

ooh good Idea! I might do It with enya songs, because I don’t usually listen to them, and I can use them on the comp, and in my room… :content: hope it works

I am currently trying to play a song different times every night to see if I will recognize the song when I am dreaming. Currently I am using a MP3 that I downloaded from a Zelda site some time ago (sorry, don’t have the link ATM). The MP3 is the “temple of Time” song, and it lasts for about 2 min. Even if I don’t go lucid, it should give some interesting dreams.

To play the song I use a laptop computer from my work (my own computer makes way to much noise). I set up Winamp to start at 3:30 AM and every half hour after that (I just use Scheduled Tasks to set this up. works just fine). In Winamp I use the “play song on startup” and “allow multiple startups of Winamp”. I only have that one song in my playlist, and repeat is off.

I think this song should be perfect, as it is quite “meditational” and the sound level is quite stable, hence it is less likely to wake you up if you sleep lightly. I will let you know if I get any results using this settings.

BTW: Zelda RULES! :grin:

good ideas guys!

Moonhunter- That is a great way to set it up, I never thought about that. Hope it goes OK. I don’t need a link to that song - the same ZeldaPower.com that I got the forest theme from has pretty much all the Zelda music, and probably has that too!

This seems to be the Zelda fan thread. So go check it out if you like Zelda at all.

anyway, sorry for kinda getting off topic.

I still have to test it WILDing, because my alarm clock doesn’t wake me up anymore… or at least I don’t become very aware. I do remember turning it off automatically. I should make it hard to turn off… Hide it, so I have to think about it, and become concious enough to want to try this.

Good luck and keep dreaming