Spirit Guide or DC, how often do you see?

For those of you who have a recurring Dream Character that you see in a lot of your LD’s, how often are they there? Do you see them frequently, like half of your LD’s, or maybe one in three? Does anyone have a neglectful Spirit Guide? :tongue:

Um, I see my girlfriend in my dreams all the time, like every night I’ll have at least one dream with her in it, and almost every LD I have has her in it. But I’m pretty sure shes not my spirit guide… lol. I guess you were meaning dream characters that you don’t know in real life?

I’m thinking of might finding my spirit guide soon. I haven’t found time in my LD’s yet, but since my LDing is getting stronger I would like to see what the spirit guide is made of. Hope he/she/it can help me with prolonging my dreams and might help me have a LDTR (Longer dream that reality)

How do we know its our spirit guide while were dreaming? I never seen a person that always in my dreams. My dreams our always new and fresh, but if it isnt new or fresh, the dream takes place at an old dream(this has happen alot)but i never seen a spirit guide. My question is even if you see your spirit guide how do you know its them, and what power do they have? The reason why i think they have power,b/c their in your dreams and see what you see… :…:

When you see them, you’ll just know… Well, maybe… lol

I wouldn’t say I have a spirit guide or dream co-host or anything like that… There are a few people who frequent my dreams on an occasional basis, but barely over 10% of my dreams.

okay the question was :“do you remember persons that is in your dreams from time to time?”, That i must say i do. :smile: I just call them the lady and the boy. They seem to enjoy when i actually see them, and they seem happy when i do so under LDs. The first of them i actually met and she showed me some stuff was when i was very little. Like Who she was and i was surprised that she actually didnt tell me anything, i just got a feeling that i can re-live to call her to my attention when i am LD. And remember it under LD, And that isnt often.
Then its the boy, First time i met him was when i became Lucid in a dream about a store. I walked a bit to try to remember what i told myself to do under the LD that i was going to have that night, and i remembered it. It was to call on the lady. I concentrated, But later on i realized that the sorroundings did affect the concentration, so i ended up with a odd boy, sitting on a couple of cussions just smiling at me. I asked him who he was, he just smiled and said that he was the one i called for. “your dream guide” He said, I was just standing there, waching him. And then my dream “chrashed” and i woke up. Theese 2 have I talked to from now and then, Just chatting it seems, about nothing important, They seem like they are in few of my dreams, But they are the only characters ive seen that i dont know.
(um a little note, I dont lie about this, But i think it is my mind that is generating theese characters, Or they could be spirit guides i dont know)