Spirit guides?

I wanting to get intouch with mine, if they are real. does anyone know how i would go about this?


There’s some discussions about this in the Beyond Dreaming sub-forum.

I view spirit guides as just a representation of part of your subconscious, but that’s my own belief. As to how to “contact” them (I imagine you mean, in LDs?), the main way seems to be calling out to him/her/them and asking them to come to you. I’ve also heard of people closing their dream eyes and trying to materialize them. Pretty much the same way you’d get any person to come to you. But I’m by no means an expert.

so the only tried way is through a lucid dream? ok ill have to try that if i become lucid.

Hey C_mon there’s a lot of posts about it in the sticky topic.

The Big Spirit Guide Topic part 2 can be found here [The Big Spirit Guide Topic - Part II) in the Beyond Dreaming forum.