Spirits and guides in dreams

I sometimes wonder if it is possible for there to be a waking life spirit guide as well as a dream spirit guide. I’m not really talking about a dream guide because some of us look at our dreams as spiritual guidance’s and not just dreams.

I had this dream about 10 years ago so i was about 7 or 8 years old

I refer to a time I had a dream about a spirit. I was at my grandma’s old house sitting in the tv room. My uncle (who had passed away years after the dream) was walking around the house doing his daily activities when he decided to go into the back room. I feared the back room in the dream and in real life. I never really had an explanation except that it was eerie. I saw my uncle in the back room, he was wearing a white shirt and it was like he had paused in time. He wasn’t moving. I was still sitting in the tv room which is a bit away from the back room. It was called the back room because a long hall way approaching the back room from the tv room was in way. I then saw a spirit. The spirit was a monkey wearing a fez. He told me “don’t go in the back room.” I asked why he said something like "what do you think?, and then before I woke up it said something like “you’ll know one of these days.” or “you’ll figure it out, what the back room really is.” this scared me so much that in the dream I focused in on the monkey and then my uncle and then it was like the pause button went into play again.

I never saw the monkey again, I had about one or two other dreams with him in it but the terrified me. He told me it was only a game to him but I didn’t like his tricks. I wonder if this is my guide, because my dreams always seem to have a deep message in them the is really tricky and just like this monkey they are very tricky. I never thought badly of the monkey, and when I first saw him in the dream I thought he was wise. So far, I think this is just one of my guides in my dream. He tells me the truth in dream but he makes the truth tricky so I can figure it out myself. Very wise…

Anyways what does everyone else thing about different guides in dreams and them not all being the same one each dream? I have other experiences too with this particular dream, just let me know what you think.

Hey LD (Life dreamer)

Wow that is a powerful dream. Personally if that was me i’d shake some truth out of that monkey lol. Did you ever find out why he told you not to go into the back room, I’m so interested to find out.

As for guides in real life - Most of my adolescent teenage years i was pissed off at the world cause all my friends had brothers or cousins, fathers who were mentors. I never had that. But now i’ve realised that i was my mentor all along. Nelly says it the best when he says, in his song ‘N dey say’,
“I used to think life had a plan for me, till i realised life has to be planned by me”

If I refer to what has happened over time the back room means trouble. So the monkey was a scary ghost telling me not to get into any trouble basically. It scared me at the time I had the dream but now I find his words quite useful.
That is a great realization by yourself. I’ve realized that some of my best mentors were the people I hated the most or disliked. I learn from my mistakes and from myself.