Spirits in my Shower

Hey, I’m new here, I’ve recently gotten into dreams (logging them and thinking about them) I’ve also been doing lots of reading on spirituality and the mind. Well anyways, a week and a half ago I had a very surreal experience. REcently everynight before bed I usually take a shower with the lights off so I can meditate, I find I can think more clearer with heat around me and water on me |) Well anyways I’m sitting down in the shower and just thinking about nothing imparticular, when all of a sudden I started seeing things. Now I’m not a person to hallucinate (I’ve smoked grass and sometimes seen things) but never sober has anything like this happened, cause I really have a hard time picturing things. But I started seeing stuff, first I think I saw a bird type thing flying up from under me, after that I began to see bodies walking through the shower door and passed me. They were a glowing blue/white color. It was pitch black dark in the shower, but all of a sudden it got unthinkably darker, I can only describe it as a darker darkness filling my vision, then I saw the Universe. Just galaxies and stars and gases floating infront of me. It was amazing! After a few moments of that it faded away and I saw a spirit come through the wall to my right, I wasn’t sure what to do, and I thought I should experiment around with what was going on, so I put out my hand and said, “Touch my hand”. This is where I think it WASN’T a hallucination, cause my mind was literally blank and I didn’t have the thought of me controlling this visual of a spirit. And the spirit put out its hand and placed it on mine, I didn’t feel anything, but I saw the hand on mine.

About 5 minutes later, and not seeing much of anything new except the spirits walking in and out of the shower, a person came from my left. This spirit had its hand closes, but soon opened it and from it dropped what looked to be either shining diamonds or stars.

that was the last thing I saw that night. I’ve been trying to see them more the past nights but have had little sucess, I think the reason is becacuse when it first happened my mind was TOTALLY open and not expecting anything, whereas the times after its been hard to get my mind to that unexpecting state.

It was definetely really a strange experience, and I was very concious the whole time (I was not tired at all)and I really never even thought something like this could ever happen to me (I’ve never been into ghost sightings and the such)

anyway, anybody have any thoughts about it? Anything similar?

hey that sounds like an amazing experience, ill have to try that—taking a shower with the lights off. I had a similar experience in the shower but not to that extent. I was in the shower, it was like any other normal routine and i turned and saw like a translucent face looking at me and i turned backforwards not really noticing what i just saw. Then it hit me like a split second later and i did a “double look” back and i saw the face smileing at me then it slowly dissipated. I have no reason to believe it was a hallucination.

BTW when you saw all these amazing things—where u sitting down the whole time and were ur eyes open or closed?

Your experience sounds very much similar to mine! Very cool.

And I was sitting down the whole time, eyes open.

Amazing experience man. And also helps me validate some of my ideas as well, one of them being that the Spirit World is sitting right on top of this one. Eternity/Infinite has no dimensions, its all dimensions, so there technically should be spirits walking everywhere around us at all times.

Ego tripping what you say can be true, however the experience K.Johnson had most likely seems like a steady deep trance into alpha and/or theta brainwaves. Whenever you get there you can “see things”, like visuals. Sometimes you cannot control these images, since they are produced the same way as in dreams and there you are mostly not in control either. Also, when later on you try to recreate the same conditions and start to focus too much on it, it might not happen again because you cant go deep enough into trance when you’ focus too much. I would advice to relax as much as possible and just let go of thinking, and sooner or later the visuals will return.

I agree with ego tripping I think that spirits are all around us.but most of the time we cant see them. I had experience like that in the shower but I had just smoked some weed and was in a very deep and relaxed state.

Thats some cool experience!

I’ve never seen any ghosts/spirits with my physical eyes, only astral/mental eyes. It must be fascinating.

Thanks for sharing your experience, and keep us updated if you ever encounter spirits in such a way again.

Trigpoe you too!


  1. Where do these brain waves originate? Keep in mind, to me, the Brain doesn’t control ANY Consciousness, but merely filters the amount of information you can get. Dreaming, tripping, meditation, Astral Projection and even Death is simply by-passing the unit and exposing the Mind (the true seat of your Consciousness and Being) to the other ‘realities’ sitting right at your fingertips…literally.

I can’t control these visuals? Bullshit. What’s a Lucid Dream? When I trip on Shrooms, I can control these visuals. When I meditate, I can visualize whatever I desire. Sorry, I can’t see it your way at all.

Agreed, it’s called “trying too hard.”

I agree as well. But what you call “visuals” I call experience of the Spirit World.

I never said you couldn’t do it, I meant to say that in general people arent in control of visions/normal dreams. Besides that I would suggest to keep your language decent. Adding bullshits to the discussion isn’t gonne get you a lot of replies from me (but perhaps you arent even interested).

very nice experiences!
how did this spirits look like?
you said “bodies”.
like humans? did they feel like humans to you?
did they have clothes?
or just some sort of shaped light?
and is it right that only some of them noticed you?

yeah, more like shaped lights in a human like form. No clothes, almost like they were just glowing outlines of bodies (a bluish white color)

Um, I dont know why only 2 seemed to notice me (interact), I’m guessing if these spirits are around us all the time they are use to us not noticing them. Or perhaps these 2 particular spirits looked as hard as me to see me and give me the faith i needed at that time. I was very skeptical on a lot of things concerning death and ect)

Yah, I definately overreacted and didn’t read close enough. My apologies man, I really sounded like a jerk. :confused:

I think this sounds weird. It was like your shower was a portal. hey, you could be sensetive and not know it… when i say sensetive I mean as in a psychic, talking to spirits… like a medium i suppose…

If you were not taking any form of drugs at the time then i would think either you were just seeing things, or your shower is a energry vortex and you are sensetive and were tapping into your clarivoyant abilities for the first time.

Didnt read it yet but its ok, appologies accepted :smile:

And Nic you dont need to have a “vortex” around to peek into the spirit world “all it takes” is being proficient in this way of seeing and added to that the right conditions (being relaxed/lower brainwaves can help a lot, but it is very hard to be 100% sure what you see is “really” out there or something from your imagination, as the later happens very often, but it doesn’t mean its not possible).

oh i know it is just how he described what he was seeing… made it sound like a vortex of some sort. just the way so many “spirits” were walking through his shower.

yeah, I wasn’t on any drugs (And hadn’t used any for 2 months)

Would be interested to have an eeg on you round that time in the evening.
you prob were in a trance stage, that can as easy be a bridge for suggestions as well as real viewing things.
Hard to tell from ouside the experience.

you got any trance experience, drugs maybe?
i would at least try selfhypnosis, maybe u have some talent.

pervert spirits, I would of freaked out, well if you stare at a certain spot in a dark room for a few seconds everthing around your vision gets dark.