[split] Do we have a Lucid Storage Tank inside?

Pasquale mentions that for several months (in fact almost a year),she had not had any LD’s, yet all of a sudden for no apparent reason, they pop up in her one after another. In addition she appears to have amazing clarity, awareness and reasonability in her dreams, such as hesitation to leap out the window before ascertaining she is dreaming.

She also mentions that somehow for the very first time she ejected her astral self through her Crown chakra (a first for her), and flew away at a rapid speed.

How is it possible that all these doors began to open up for her? Is it possible that perhaps there is sort of a lucid storage tank within the brain where LD’s are stored and which overflows after a period of time? Or can it be that due to long effort and continuous striving that the brain begins to adapt to this type of dreaming? It is certainly something to ponder about.

Interesting thought and i split it from my DD so we can have a discussion.

I don’t think it has to do with a storage tank, rather with some kind of energies that are present. Or a stage in my life. It can also be that lately i have been more involved in the forum and the site and that somehow triggered more LD’s.

But i think the storage tank idea is interesting, are there more ppl with experiences like that?

What i do know, if that you have learned something once, you will never forget it, so maybe it is the same for LD-ing?

Well if we do, that means that it can run out if we LD too much :cry: . We should find a way to refill the LD tank, then we can LD like crazy.
The strange thing for me is that I learned about LD in december and I had 4 LDs that month. The last 2 months I have had 5 each month.
For me the best way to get LDs seems to be to have a lot of sleep.
There was one week a few months ago where I didn’t have any school for a week. That week I had a total of 6 LDs. So maybe sleep it the way to refill the LD tank :confused:

sometimes i think even if “you” want to LD, you won’t have one unless you “want” to have an LD

which makes no sense… but it’s like, you might think you want one, but unless you truly want one, deeply down inside, subconsciously, you probably won’t

i don’t know if i agree with that at all, but sometimes I really want a LD and think about it all day, and I don’t have it… and I think “did I really want it?” and sometimes I won’t think about having one, but then I’ll have one anyway, and maybe do what I wanted to do previously.

and i don’t really know why this happens… so it was just an idea i had.

but… sometimes i go thorugh an LD slump where i’ll only get 1-2 a week, or i’ll just have them all be semi lucid where i know it’s a dream, but I never say HEY THIS IS A DREAM… i just subtly change events when I realize they aren’t working right, and use a small portion of my lucid skills to fix things that i wouldn’t normally do in a full blown ND that i thought iw as real

almost all of my dreams are like that now though, like, i could probably get lucid if i really really wanted to, but then that bothers me, because i kind of do want to, yet I don’t.

I don’t think it’s about storage tanks, but feedback loops.

  1. You have an LD.

  2. You think about the LD, have more interest in LD’s.

  3. You have even more LD’s as a result.

  4. Eventually, by chance, you don’t have an LD for a few days and the streak is over.

  5. You don’t have an LD.

  6. You think less about LD’s in general.

  7. You have fewer LD’s and experience a “draught”.

  8. Eventually, by chance, you have an LD and the draught is over.

Sounds familiar to me - back and forth, back and forth… :bored: