Spontaneous events in daydreams

Have you ever noticed that daydreams have a tendency to act out scenarios on their own even without your intending it?
When I daydream I often imagine myself on a small hilltop surrounded by plains and distant mountains, and then I wander around there and explore - and for no real reason I will often notice things that I didn’t even think about myself, they “just appeared” randomly on their own accord.
I think this is very fascinating, because it seems very similar to the regular dreams we have when we sleep; the only real difference I can see is that daydreams are nowhere near as vivid as dreams, probably because we are relatively conscious of real life when we daydream so that our consciousness is much more split between those two worlds.

Maybe daydreams are the exactly same thing as dreams, with the exception that they happen while we are awake instead of when we sleep?

I have often noticed the same thing, especially while ‘daydreaming’ in bed. This daydreaming can be a very effective variation of the WILD technique! It is almost the only way I WILD now.

Many authors have said that they enter a similar state while writing. The story characters start saying and doing unexpected things. I really enjoy this state, but can only reach it now and then, under certain conditions like long train trips or going to bed before I get too tired.

Very interesting ! Can one become lucid while daydreaming, without returning to the present moment ? I never did, i just notice « oh, i was daydreaming» but it´s gone. I can only remember. There´s an interesting technique on daydreaming by Tim Post.

lucidipedia.com/blog/2010/10 … nique-ldd/

i think daydreaming can be used to WILD if one chooses a topic of interest and regularly check the state of mind. then you will find that when your mind gets illogical you are very likely to fall asleep and you just need to wait to enter a dream. sometimes i notice a blank mind state, like i can not remember what i as thinking or even think anymore, but this state of mind is very hard to sustain without falling asleep.

Taste of my world.

Maladaptive Daydreaming
Fantasy Prone Personality

This is why I am the way I am. I’ve said it a few times, i’m trapped in a dream world. I would not hesitate to say that I have only spent about 10% of my waking life outside of a dreamworld. Even as I am typing this now, things are going through my head. I do not have to stop and thing about things, or plan events. They simply flow through me with no delay. Infact If I do decide to do as such, the dream itself halts, and relies heavily on me. It interferes, and can break things up a bit. It’s far more difficult for me to consciously come up with things, rather than letting it just come to me on it’s own. However, I can participate in the dreamworld as much as I want. Whether It be third person, or taking part directly. Perhaps even me being the center or attention… or not. However even then I sometimes find myself acting as though i was in a normal dream world, non-lucid. Responding, having thoughts or ideas based on the situations, answering or asking questions to others. (interesting, yes?) I don’t know everything that’s going to happen. It’s all a surprise, and the conversations, situations, and reactions of some of the characters inside your dream can be rather hilarious, sad, or just downright upset you.

As for if this can be used for inducing LD’s, that is hard to say. I would lean towards no. With these daydreams, you get sucked into a fantasy world disregarding life around you. This detachment becomes far to common for you to realize “Oh, i must be dreaming”, because it’s not really that different from waking life.

However, I do find that Lucidity is always in reach. It just takes a little push, or desire to do something in your dream, rather than convincing yourself that you’re dreaming. Aswell, you adapt very well to the possibilities in your dreams. Flying, summoning lightning bolts, it’s all very common to you, and serves no signs that you could be dreaming. However, I find personally that I have no resistence at all in anything I do.

Going lucid in a dream is sensitive in a way, but very subtle when it happens. More often than not, i’m prone to having FLD’s. I recognize that this is not my reality, but due to my waking dreams, i just simply dismiss it as such - another reality, rather than a dream. It is very similar, i suppose to lucid dreaming, but not tied directly the same, I don’t believe.