Spontaneous LD's

I know at least 3 people who have regular lucid dreams without doing anything, while I try techniques but get nowhere.

Does anybody have any idea how some people are able to do this and others aren’t, is there any research on it?

Also, is it possible to do MILD before going to sleep rather than when waking up and returning to sleep? I have trouble getting back to sleep once I’m awake…

Mild is to be done before sleep:)
And to napping-just sleep bit less during the night and have a nap on the afternoon.Same effect for some reason.
Good luck.

Thanks - what I mean is can I do it when I first go to bed, after no sleep at all? I read that you are supposed to do it after waking up (while returning to sleep).

Hi Jack, I have to disagree.To most people it might be the same, but to me waking up at night and returning to sleep is much better than napping at daytime.
I don´t take naps regularly, only when I am very tired, and then I (almost) never remember any dreams.When I am not tired, I can´t go to sleep at daytime.I am a person who can stay up long at partys or something, but I am not very good at falling asleep.


Kobrakai wrote that he has problems going back to sleep once awake.Thats why i adviced him to take a nap WHEN he feels sleepy,what prolly will happen after short night and good meal on the afternoon.By SAME effect a meant jumping into REM.During afternoon naps many people report to have lds(im one of them-all of them happened then).
I dont really see anything to agree or disagree here.Its just a thing to try out personally:)

Sure it will not work on everyone-but like i wrote for some reason(propably not enough REM periods during the night) REM tends to happen even few hours later,and not necesarily after 90 mins from the point of falling asleep.

“I have trouble getting back to sleep once I’m awake…”-Kobrakai
“but to me waking up at night and returning to sleep is much better than napping at daytime”-Tramuganger
I was just giving him alternative:)

Ps.Kobrakai-MILD is a tech which you do all the time actually.Its being aware ld might happen,and keeping in mind a motivation to have one.
Wild is to be done(not necesarily but its heaps easier) when u awake after some time of sleep(5-6 hrs,eventually after depriving yourself of sleep for longer,ev after short night and nap later on) and bases on entering dream counciously-see BIG WILD topic.
Anyways-i wouldnt be so much concerned about names and such-just see what works for you.It can be blend of many techs.
Good luck

Hi Jack, sorry, I somehow didn´t get your post right
Well, have to correct me, nothing to disagree.Just a small note that this might not work for everyone :shy:


Thanks guys, sorry if I confused anybody! I’ve started waking up earlier on weekdays (about 5) so I can get back to sleep easily.

The problem I have now is concentrating on MILD - my mind has always become fully active after I wake, I’m one of those people who can jump out of bed the moment I wake. My minds tends to drify while I lie there, it’s difficult…