Spontaneous Lucid Question

I have only had one spontaneous LD, where i found myself with “full” awareness i was dreaming, or, at least, enough awareness to manipulate the dream with my mind(the rest of my LD’s have been induced by WILDS, or they were FLDs)
I wouldn’t mind knowing though what actually caused the dream me to become so aware so quickly, as it “just happened”. I dont recall any “click”.
I never did any questioning, RC’s or even any training beforehand and even my mindfullness in the waking world was pretty much zilch.
What I did notice when I woke up after the dream, was that this spontaneous dream where I “suddenly” realized i was dreaming and made my own clouds is that i never even was aware of this “click” that people talk about when they realize they are dreaming.
At the very beginning of the dream i was aware, i remember nothing beforehand.

Its like I missed the click part or something.
what could have caused this sudden awareness?

There were always this situations of spontaneous lucid dreams. One doesn’t have to do anything to induce one but he simply does. This can occur because of many things. Some situations that happened to you this day, foods, drinks, other supplements and so on and on.

Sometimes we are more aware then we are aware and this brings to spontaneous lucid dreams.

Hello Soupfruit,
I would like to ask something…
Do you recall when the dream was formed?

no i was just in it. it was fully formed. it was like having blinkers on and then not and seeing the scene of a street i know in real life and instantly knowing i was dreaming. like someone showing you a picture of a tree and you know its a tree.
which type of LD is this then…? :confused:

Well this is odd, your experience bears many of the characteristics from a typical WILD, though you’re sure lucidity wasn’t attained as soon as the dream began. Correct me if I’m wrong but, I believe the dream started with you rolling down the hill. So, in a way you got lucid pretty fast. Anyway, I still suggest you go have a look at the whole WILD method. It looks like you could have particular success with it, though having problems with getting to sleep can pose a considerable challenge but, who knows.

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thanks reeta, :smile: i never read the thread where the original poster posted this similar topic :wiske: :wiske: :wiske: :wiske: :wiske: