Spontanious Lucid dreams.

Quite a rare occurance for me, But a great experience. You simply go to bed, the next second of awareness, you’re in a dream, Things start to happen, you realise it’s a dream straight away. Is what basically happens, But it’s ‘Spontanious’ because you already have a doubt if the world (when you fall asleep) is real, so anything like a big spider coming into your room, or screams. You can automatically assume you’re dreaming.

I’ve only ever experienced this twice.

First time -
I was lieing in bed, and i heard alot of noise in the hallway, like screams. I checked it out, but I already had a suspected that it was a dream. I saw what was happening and did a RC.
Second time - I was sitting in bed, The next second of awareness, it was raining outside and it got a bit lighter, (Enough for me to see a change), I had the thought it was dreaming, and i did a RC.

These are very diffrent to a normal DILD, they aren’t as brief as a DILD (Any DILD I have only lasts a few mins, “I’m dreaming? oh, okay.” I then lose lucidity to something in the dream, as though i’m not fully ‘there’. They are purely accidental.

It differs alot from DILD where instead of waiting half way through the dream, you are automatically there, lucid and ready to go at the start which in some cases makes them a better option than DILD. However it’s the process of getting a Spontanious Lucid dream is the problem. I’ve read alot of times about people randomly getting these spont Lucid dreams so It is possible, just hard to achieve.

When I did it, I just remember having alot on in my mind. I was just in a comfy sleeping position, just looking up at the ceiling and window, Just thinking. This lasted about 20 mins aprox. It was until i had a distinct and very noticeable change in feeling. Like everything felt slightly diffrent, it was then when i heard the screams. I had a very posotive thought that it was a dream. And it was, the crossover from reality and dream was so quick and unoticeable. I did fall asleep while lieing there with my eyes open, and my dream carried on from the last bit of conciousness i had, from my point of view, It was like I was just lieing there, I blink and i’m suddenly in a dream.
The screams were from my mother in the bathroom, I went to see what was wrong. (At this time, unlike in reality, I wasn’t tired, i was full of energy, i was alert, which also led me to believe it was a dream) When i saw her come out, she was all pale, and very dark, she had really really long hair. At that point, I defintly thought it was a dream, (What else could it be?).

That is basically the process.

I was wondering if anyone else had an experience like this?