Spotted a dream sign.....after waking up

I was recalling a dream I had last night and for the first time I noticed the “changing text” thing.

I remembered having to fill out application forms for a job which were in a colour coded handbook, a different coulur for each type of job.

Every time I went to fill in the form I would need to ask a question and every time I looked back the handbook colour coding had changed so I had to ask again and on and on. I remeber being really frustrated!

I wonder how many times that sort of thing has happened before?

Texts in dreams are very frustrating. I recall a ND where I had to write an essay. I had to copy the title of the book in my notebook. Every time I looked at the book saw the title and closed the book to write it in the notebook I couldn’t remember what the title was. So I had to do this for a long time until I got so frustrated that I let the essay be and went inside a house. :tongue:

That’s not really a DS, as this doesn’t happen in every dream. It doesn’t happen often to see text in a ND, but when you do you have a huge chance of an LD :wink:

Oh, that’s what you’re talking about…
I thought you saw a dreamsign when you were IRL after awakening :bored:

Actually, it is a DS and it is sometimes used in checking reality.
Flying pink elephants that scream ‘‘you are dreaming!’’ don’t occur in every dream, yet they are still dream sings, aren’t they? :wink:

My point is…yes, it doesn’t happen in every dream, but you could call it a dream sign when it does.

I know 2 of my dream signs, but I never become lucid! and I see them almost every dream I remember. Its getting frustrating, lol. I became semi-lucid once, which was weird because I didnt know I was dreaming, but I knew that if I did something in the dream it was going to affect my waking body and that I had to ‘keep control’ but I still didnt become lucid and after I woke up I was pretty mad lol.

Try repeating a mantra where you will constantly remind yourself of those dream signs. It just might start working.