Spreading the word about Lucid Dreaming - Different ways!

Yeah, I’ve just renamed my very popular Counter-Strike server to “Want To Controll Your Dreams? Visit www.LD4All.com.
This is more to focus on teens, many (To many) kids spend the night gaming, lucid dreaming would give them something to kinda’ look forward to.

I was, to admit, some of a gaming addict before I heard about LD… (Now I’m an LD addict but you can’t eat the cake and still have the whole cake left - Or something like that)

Tell about how you’re spreading the word out :happy:

Very cool. I had a Halo Server called: Control your Dreams @ LD4all.com! Where I was [LD]Genkai.

Problem being, everyone went to the n00b server to play with vehicles while I waited there, just me, a Needler, and Blood Gulch.

The Business cards would work well here, but noone I meet seems to care about Dream Control.

:happy: !

I’ve been handing out LD4all cards while i was here (USA), not much, but every bit helps… i’m going to carry them around in holland now too i think :content:

/me hopes someone she gave a business card will show up on the forum and become a member :smile:

Those are nice ideas. If any of you has a site/prograrm he develops, a couple of side notes or some other letters at the bottom of the page could help.

Hmm, ill try that on my halo server…

what you gotta do is dress up in a suit and sunglasses, then go door to door, assuring that your work is “serious business”

I just opened two other servers (Dedicated) which I named “Lucid Dreaming - Conscious Dreaming! WWW.LD4ALL.COM
and "Controll Your Dreams! www.ld4all.com!