I’m having sleep paralysis every week… it usually happens after I wake up and go back to sleep knowing that it will happen. The problem is that I can’t transfer from SP to a dream. I’m only able to stay in SP, sometimes I’m trying like hell to wake up, but can’t. Sometimes I’m just relaxing completely trying to move forward to dreaming, but it’s impossible! If predators approach me I usually say to them “Yeah, yeah, it’s fun and all, but I don’t think you are scary” and they usually just sit by watching me trying to fall asleep or waking up. It is kind of annoying.

Any suggestions? I used to consider my self as a pro, having lucid dreams every week, but now SP’s is all I get. I’ve lost my mojo…

I believe you are already dreaming when you see the “predators” or Old Hag, or whatever you want to call it. Have you tried rising/ floating off your bed or out of your body? Or sinking through your bed?

Yeah, I have tried to “leave my body”, like floating over my body, then entering another dream. It used to work before, but now I am stuck in SP for a really long time before I wake up from a noise in the room or something.

Explain me one think - if you are in SP, you cannot talk. So how the hell are you talking to them ??? Thing that i am going to say that may be stupid, but i think that you are dreaming about SP =S or something like that.


so, you are dreaming then. Just say “This is MY dream, i can control it”, and just stand up. And have a nice lucid :tongue:

Well, I am not actually talking to them with my mouth, but thinking it to myself. I am unable to speak, move, and hearing all these extremely annoying sounds.

But perhaps I am having a dream about having SP, like you think, and I’m tricked to think that it’s a real SP, doing the wrong things to wake up. If it’s a dream SP, I should be able to get out of it by simply knowing that the SP is not real.

I’ll try it next time it occurs.

that made me laugh :rofl:

yep, you are probably dreaming about SP

maybe try to imagine a rope that pulls you up from your bed and get into a dream that way

good luck :smile: