SSILD Attempt Tonight!

So if you look at my previous posts, you would know I am still trying to get an LD :sad: ! I was looking through the Forums, when I saw a topic that said something like “Probably already been posted but such an awesome technique!” by FlyByNight (link: Probably already been posten but such an awesome technique ). I was curious, and decided to give it a look :confused: . So after reading it and then going to the SSILD thread by cosmic.iron (link Senses Inititiated Lucid Dream, SSILD Thread ), I am giving it a try tonight! I really hope it is successful! :happy: :content:

I gave it a pathetic half-try once, and it made my dreams very vivid and easy to recall so it seems promising. I’ll have to try it next time I wake up in the night. Good luck! Make sure to update how it went, I’m curious to see.

Unfortunately, I didn’t work last night. :sad: I did it and I couldn’t fall back asleep for some reason. But I guess I should try again? It seems that it is very successful for many people, so this might finally give me an LD! :happy:

Keep at it! That’s happened to me once or twice when I’ve gotten too worked up. Try to assess why you might have had trouble getting back to sleep and see whether you could do anything differently this time around.

cosmic.iron (the author of the technique) is a very helpful guy and he’s offered me a ton of very helpful advice. If you continue to have trouble I bet that he could help you along.

Good luck! Keep putting in the work and you will definitely succeed.