SSILD Case Study (SSILD success stories)

In this thread I will collect success stories from using the SSILD (Senses Initiated Lucid Dream) technique. If you succeed in using the technique, please post your story here as well. Many thanks in advance! :tongue:

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Previously I also collected 15 cases from DV but since Rhewin pointed out the potential copyright problem we have removed them. I’m also making LD4all the official home for SSILD.

From @Jur1121

Tried this technique early morning. I only repeated the vision/sound/feel cycle for a couple of times because I was tired and wanted to go sleep. Well… when I fell asleep I had a DILD for so long!

From @sungodd

I gave this a try this morning. It was interesting. I have a semi-cold so was really hard to stay still and not swallow deeply. I went through it around 7 or 8 times, dozed off sometime in there, woke up not realizing i dozed off and did 1 more round and tried to move, hitting what felt like a wall. Which i broke through quickly before i realized what it was. Takes me forever to wake up, so I tend not be very coherent when first waking up. So pretty much blew a perfect chance for a deild. First time feeling what SP was like, or breaking through it. Going to give this another try tomorrow it was quite simple to do. Thanks

From @Hamza

well i tried this two times and it worked both times but after 5-6 sec of LD ing i wake up in my bed full of vibrations and strange sound in my head that stays until i get up and that wasn’t FA i RC ed upon waking up

From @mattias

Tried it again last night, and this time I did the whole thing. Problem is I think my sleep these past two days has been deeper than normal (which may even not be a problem as my main problem with LD’s is waking up to quickly ).

Anyway, I did it on my back, as I can almost never fall asleep on my back and thought on my side I’d just fall right asleep. After I was done I rolled over and took some time to fall asleep. At a couple moments I wandered a bit and couldn’t remember which step I was on . I started feeling vibrations very faintly but had a terrible itch which made them go away. I’ll try on my side tonight and see what happens.

I actually got a few low lucid moments, but getting lucid isn’t that hard for me, so it’s hard to say how much SILD helped there. I’ll try it for a few more days and see how it goes. I want to see if this tech can get me lucid more consistently and also see how it affects my LD’s in terms of vividness and stability. I did realize better DR in terms of quantity of dreams. I guess I just don’t remember that many details because I didn’t write them down right away.

From @elnaureth

I tried this this morning with moderate success. The record of it is here

Where did the idea for this come from? It reminds me of this self-hypnosis technique.

From @gamblino100

well i tried this when i woke up in the night last night and woke up this morning with great dream recall, and i noticed that my attention to detail had highly increased when reading my dream journal writing. no lucidity in this dream.
however i tried again today when having a morning nap after taking my kids to school. when i woke up great dream recall again and a few short lucid moments in two seperate dreams. awesome i will be sure to try again tonight. thankyou!!

From @dB_FTS
So here I will post my progress from last night and next 6 days!

1st night:

I went to bed around 11pm and set an alarm at 3:20am. By some of my calculations my next REM stage should be around 3:30 but this time I didn’t get up for WBTB, I just thought that I will perform tech and go to sleep.

Well, I was very tired and I think that my first mistake was setting alarm, it waked me too much but I wasn’t sure if I could wake up using autosuggestion because I was very tired so alarm was needed. Once when I was up I felt that I was to awake but I did the tech anyways. After a few repetitions I was getting awake even more. Which takes me to my second mistake which was that I was laying on my back. The story is pretty the same as mattias described his night. Then after some time I rolled over but I was just to awake and I started switching positions and everything went bad! From that point I don’t remember almost any dream but my DR is bad anyways…

Now I know my first few mistakes and I will try to avoid them this night. If you have any more advices please feel free to share them!

2nd night:

Nothing, just a few fragments of one dream and that’s it. I’m putting this tech and quest on hold because my DR is a mess and there is no foundation to trying this without decent DR. When things change I will post here again… But I think I will try this tech whenever I get up for WBTB and if I get some results I will post…

3rd night:

Success. I’ve done SILD after 8 hours of sleep, only one repetition and after 10 hours I did SILD again with 3 or 4 repetitions and I had a lucid dream! After that one I did chaining and had another one!

From @OddDreamingDreamer

report cosmic.iron! Huge success!
This has been my first lucid dream in a long time.
Tough my situation was kinda strange, in that I almost skipped a night the day before, then I only slept from 4am to 8:45am and got up for class. After that, I got back to my place at 4pm and just went to sleep again, by accident. Not sure at what time I began sleeping but it was at least later than 4:30pm and I woke up by 7:30pm. Then I eventually went to sleep about at 2:30am.
This is where the quest begins, as I went to sleep because I was kinda tired. I lay in my favorite position for comfort, and while I had completely forgotten about SILD, I noticed that my eyes weren’t really “seeing” anything. Yes, my eyes saw absolutely nothing. It wasn’t darkness, but then it became so when I noticed it. Then I realized I was seeing nothing with my mind, not with my eyes per se. This realization for some reason made the sight go back to normal and then I was watching my closed eyelids, and that’s what made me recall SILD. I decided to do it, and that it was better to ignore the eyes as I had accidentally done the eyes part, or so I thought. For some reason, I just felt like moving on to breathing, because I could. Then I almost dozed off, but noticed I was once again seeing with my mind, but this time it was a dream image that I was interacting with using dream hands. I often think of this when I go to sleep, but the realization that it was there broke it.
I was now uncomfortable, and thought, as much as I shouldn’t move for the falling asleep value, I wanted to be comfortable, as SILD stresses that above all. Also I just wanted to. I switched position, and then focused on noises. I heard normal ambient sound, tough nothing in particular or nothing interesting. I planned on doing more repetitions, but I fell asleep during the sound one.
Now I was in the dream, and it felt real time, tough I was not lucid, it was just a dream. Thing is, I did not recall this as if I slept and then woke up with a random memory out of nowhere from waking up (what bad recall usually manifests itself as) Instead, it’s like my conciousness stream went from awake > dream > wake up. So going one I eventually realize the dream is a dream, tough not sure how, I do. I do not wish to go into to many details about the dream in this long enough post, but will skim over it. I decide to use my newfound freedom and power to explore the world, but then the dream develops a plot and someone wants to catch me. I fear that if I am caught something bad will happen to the dream world (which is nonsense) or that it would wake me up. So while I still retain weak lucidity, I run from my pursuers, who anyway either find me or are alerted of my doings by the citizens of my dream. I still keep my lucidity, reminding me I am dreaming, and mostly trying to escape by way of mirrors, but am always interrupted. There was a moment where I felt the dream was really long and I wanted it to end, as much as I realized it was a ridiculous statement. Mostly because I had fear of not recalling clearly the many events that happened in this seemingly super long dream. There was a moment when I might have almost lost lucidity, or maybe I did, don’t know but then woke up by a snore of myself. I was still in the dream mindset, so I checked if it was a false awakening while realizing the vast difference between this weak but long dream and waking life. After confirming my waking status, I was still kinda doubting if I was awake, but eventually got convinced because of the vast difference in sensations and my constant room plus lack of powers and reality checks. So I then try to chain dreams but since I already moved a bit after waking up I think it failed. Or maybe my REM was pretty long alright. Also after having woken up my body felt kinda numb.
But overall success! I will continue to try this wonderful thecnique.

And for anyone who asks, I’m no expert, but I think the most important thing in this technique is to fall asleep comfortably!

From @ParanoiDave

Okay, I attempted this with a nap (even though I’m not good with naps) and I was EXTREMELY close to a LD, in fact the closest I personally think I’ve ever been. I pretty much performed a WILD using these steps, and it put me in such a trance that I quickly saw a dreamscape forming before me; a very vivid and colorful forest. Either that or it was very detailed HI, I couldn’t tell the difference.

Unfortunately, excitement got the best of me, and I snapped out of it.

Anyway, I had yet another quick question:

When you say to “find the most comfortable position,” does that mean it is alright to change position after performing the reps, or am I supposed to stay in that position and fall asleep? I was confused when attempting it during a nap because I loved the feeling of the trance I was in and I didn’t want to ruin it. I performed the reps on my back but I usually sleep on one of my sides.

From @ShaneTheShaman

Tried it and was successful! Just woke up minutes ago and had to rush and post this.

From @pistol_pete7

This technique is great. The first time I used it yesterday I had two lucid dreams in one night (that’s super good for me) and a false awakening that I nearly caught. I recalled other more vivid dreams as well. I’m gonna use this again tonight. Thanks!

From @Rhewin

I finally used this properly and had success with it. After waking up a second time I was able to easily induce a WILD as HI came on during the vision part.

I will say this, it felt a lot like I had been using a relaxation technique. In the end, I think that is what SILD really does. It relaxes your body and mind making active techniques easier, and also adds to your general awareness which seems to help with passive techniques. I’m still not prepared to call this a holy grail or miracle, but I will continue to use it because it does seem to help with very little effort.

I’m sure I’ll report back later

From @thaifly

I’ve had some pretty intense hallucinations (visual, feeling, sound) when using this technique while lying on my back. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of getting into SP as I don’t want to have demons sitting on me

So my question is: does this technique require you to lie on your back / does it loose its effectiveness if lying on your side or stomach? For some reason I only expect to get into SP while lying on my back.


From @Iago

First LD!

I set up an alarm before going to bed, and when I woke up i tried SSILD. It worked, I think I fell asleep during the last cycles. In the dream, I was at an English school (not native here) which my uncle works for as a teacher, in other city. I pinched my nose and noticed I could breathe. I yelled from joy and excitment, I can’t remember the words exactly, and started jumping. However, I couldn’t transform the dream the way I wanted, I tried to change some girl’s face which I had never seen to someone’s I used to know, and I began looking for a WritersCube’s clock, none succesful. Suddenly I was home, in the city I live, and there were two strange people, one of them related to previous dream events, but I didn’t care about the other. The enviroment wasn’t vivid, it was fading out. I thought I would really find the dreamclock when my alarm started IRL. I started rubbing my hands, and yelling “I want to stay!”, but I woke up anyway. Think it was better that way, because the lucidity would fade out and it would turn to a normal dream again. Now in my memory it looks like a normal dream, but I’m sure I got lucid. Low lucidity. Next time I must remember to take a look at my enviroment, and ask for more realism.

I remember other three dreams from this night.

And if you got confused with the alarm thing, yes, I set it up to play at two distinct times during the night.

From @thaifly

Something funny happened last night Earlier during the day I tried to take a nap after doing some 5-6 SSILD cycles but could not fall asleep. Then in the evening when I was getting ready to go to sleep I decided to try SSILD again with WBTB and put my iPhone’s alarm clock to wake me up at 4am.

I woke up as the alarm went off and grabbed my iPhone in order to silence the alarm. However, the phone stopped ringing before I even touched it and the screen went black. I tried to restart the phone with no success. I stood up and my girl friend woke up as well. At that moment I realized that something was not right and did a nose RC and could breath! I became fully lucid but it lasted only for 1-2 minutes as I got too excited and woke up. So it was a very realistic FA!

My question: is it possible that the cycles I did during day had something to do with the last night’s false awakening?

I found it pretty funny that the pure intention of using SSILD helped me to become lucid, even before I had the opportunity to do the cycles

Some one please tell me the ssild technique? I dont understand at all. Please someone help

Although I took the liberty to find it for you, please search before posting next time.