SSILD...It works or is just some silly method?

Hi! Anyone here having success with the SSILD technique? Is it worthy? I read about t long time ago, the creator of the method said that it was being used by many, many people in China, but since I dont read about it wildly on internet, I question the validity of such affirmations. Nevertheless, it seems an interesting method, so I would like to read about your experiences with it. Thanks!

It is indeed real.I can’t comfim it,but my brother @Exotic can.It’s one of his first methods to get into lucid dreaming.Then he found out about WILD and MILD when he came here

Hi! I hope he see this topic so he can compare his own experiences with ssild vs other methods.


No worries,he’s also stuck with persona issues for now!Perhaps i’ll ask him to come on at the earliest convenience.

No worry! Life issues are more important. My questions are just for the fun, for discovering more about LD.

Anyway, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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