St John's wort breakthrough

In the Herald Sun (an Australian newspaper) there was this thing saying that st john’s wort’s effects were 100% placebo and that this was the only way it worked on people.

I’m just wondering what people think about that.

I wonder how many other herbs and drugs are like this too.

Chances are, most herbal drugs are a placebo. Real drugs have to go through testing to see if they’re more effective than a placebo, whereas herbal or “holistic” medicine can make almost any claim without testing for safety or effectiveness.

In other words, just because it works for you doesn’t mean it works.

Have any ever worked for you, MrEric?

Any links for this substance?

There’s a lot of ‘herbal’ placebo products out there. Just stick with the original and best :bounce:

I’ve tried wild lettuce now that is a pretty strong sedative that will help give you lucid dreams (it worked for me). I also read on all other sedatives like jamaican dogwood/hops/st. john worts/wild lettuce/gotu kola/skullcap/valerian I’ve tried wild lettuce/gotu kola skullcap and valarian only wild lettuce worked for me REALLY well but st. john worts could work also because its pretty strong sedative as well. Anything that really deeply relaxes you will put you in a LD state eventually.

A few years ago I had (at least that was what my doc said) to take St.John’s wort due to a minor depression - I knew that there were a few side-effects but what I experienced were side-effects but none of those of which I knew. So you can see that I am not too sure if it really boils down to placebo; to be more precise: I certainly experienced an elevation of mood (nearly absolutely ridiculous grinning everyday - once my body got accustomed to the dosage i.e. St. John’s wort is not something that works within days or even a fortnight, it takes a little bit longer to show its full effects) but I also experienced mental fogginess, problems with concentration and basically everything was kind of ‘who cares?’ to me - imagine being on weed the whole time; it was a similar feeling (but only slightly similar, hear me :wink: !). After a while I went to see an neurologist (spelling?) about the medication and she told that I should drop the St. John’s wort since it does more harm than good in her opinion (and after some time I could only second her opinion and still would not recommend St. John’s wort for the treatment of depression or similar)
Hope this helps…

Nice dreams,


PS my dreams were NOT more vivid than usual, dream recall was as usual and I definitely had NO lucid dreams when I was taking st john’s wort…

i have just begun taking st johns wort twice a day(morning and before bed), and i have noticed that my dreams are incredibly vivid and i at least remember 3 full dreams, and fragments of several others. i love this stuff. it does more for me than valerian, damiana, mugwort, or kava root.

Anyone who claims that herbs are all “placebo” has never experimented with them. I can say for sure that they work; some of them better than their synthetic counterparts.

St. John’s Wort is psychoactive to some extent. Try it.[/url]

Really? Can you actually trip on it? I don’t know anything about it.

i don’t think you can trip on it like you would trip on mushrooms or LSD, but i have heard that it can make the colors you see very vivid and bright and can give you a sense of well being and euphoria when taken in large doses. don’t quote me on it, this is what i have heard. i am taking low doses(300mg concentrate) twice a day, and like i stated above, the only effects i have noticed were more vivid dreams and improved dream recall. if you are looking for a high on any legal herbs, the best i can reccomend is salvia divinorum or kava root.

Not everything that is “psychoactive” is “psychedelic.” Sugar is psychoactive to an extent.

When I say psychoactive in relation to SJW, I’m referring to its mood balancing effects. It makes me feel very mild. You may have a different experience.

You should be careful with St. Wort. I think it is SSRI and if you will take it enough time it can lead to drug dependance because SSRI change you brain chemistry very much.

At the other side, if you like it, I can advise you to try Sceletium Tortuosum - it is slightly stronger (at my opinion). But I woudn’t use either SW or ST more then two weeks in a row.

If St. Wort is just placebo, then how come certain people have developed Serotonin Syndrome by using it in conjuction with SSRIs?