Star Signs, Horoscopes, All Junk?

Just curious as to what peoples thoughts are about Star Signs (Eg. Cancer, Leo, Pisces etc.) I don’t really like them, they are fun to read about, but I don’t like th idea that everyone can be generalized like that, I think everyone’s an individual and not just a star sign.

i’ve never been a fan of horoscopes. but as far as astrology in general, i think there’s something to it. everybody is an individual, but when i read the description of a gemini it weirds me out how accurate it is. but i know geminis that are nothing like me, but still exhibit similar tendencies

what i’m really trying to say is: the matrix can’t tell you who you are neo :smile:

Well i think that they are a bit of a mix. When you read your star sign in the paper that paragraph is meant to apply to millions of people across the world but no ones the same. But saying that they are bound to be right for at least one person. :cool:

Think of this, how can a star 100’s of lightyears away (thats actually VERY VERY far away) influence the behavior of 1/12 of the people of planet earth? Bit weird if you think this is possible imho.

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as for astrology yeah i find the general personality ones are usually quiet accurate. Though i never bother with weekly/daily starsigns as they are too generalised and can easily apply to anyone.

its of a guy…Sephiroth

ok hows this one?

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I have studied it and i thought it was all that, draw it up know ur self and future blah blah blah but as i got more into it i found somthing out. If you belive that it is a thing that will tell your future than it will.

“You will have a call from a very important person this week, he will tell you how he feels”

now with that little passage what could i do, hm let me see, lets say i am 32 and female and single.

hmmm a man alls me on thursday and talks about how he feels about work and how i should get a premo for doing so well. Oh my god my horo was right.

Or, a man calls and tells me he is madly inlove with my best friend and wants my help. Oh my go my horo was right.

as far as i know people go out a look for it sub consiously and they try and fit there life into the horo. So i think they are not true. well not the ones in the paper. i am open mined to teh big ones but i tryed and well, we shell see


Star signs were first described basing on coordinates of our planet compared to coordinates of the rest of stars in the universe.Recently watched documentary on Discovery said that over the years those coordinates has changed slightly but much enough to change things a bit.
Now they are not accurate anymore-.For example who is now saggitarius would normally be a capricorn.So its not based on stars anymore ,just faith and guesses.
I wish i could explain it clearer but i saw it a while ago and as im not much interested in astrology only pieces has stuck in my head.

I have found that the destiny kin seems to be more accurate at predicting personality types.

I never understood why people would think some stars would tell them their future or fortune. But there are people out there that believe in ghosts, so I guess that is quite possible.

People who read horiscopes are worse, because that stuff is just written by people getting paid to do it.

None of them are as pathetic as the people who actually believe in that pet pshychic. That is just sad that people can be so nieve to think this lady can read the minds of dogs.

I personally have been writing daily horoscopes for local TV and radio, and I tell you that isn’t easy to do. I was payed to do it of course, elsewhere I won’t bother to kill time in making 12 signs each day. Of course huge maiority just make up some story, but I’m not so creative, I’m easier with planets to make those predictions.

So don’t have to generalize astrologers.

Another good test would be to read someone their wrong horoscope, so like if they’re a Taurus read them Leo, see if they’re still all “Omg! Thats so me!”