Staring at one color; then it engulfs my entire vision?

I was reading this thread, and I’ll post a quote…

What happens to me, is that at night, after I turn off the light, my vision hasn’t adjusted to the dark yet, so everything seems really dark, but I can still make out some patches of light through the window or other places. Then, if I stare at a dark spot, my entire vision will slowly go black, like, completely and utterly black. Is this any sign of WILDing?[/b]

I dont think its any sign…I’ve had that happen to me before…Its just your eyes adjusting from being exposed to light and then being plunged into darkness.
Just like when you come inside from a really sunny day- you see eveything with sort of orangey/black patches. Its just a natural visual adjustment process. :smile:

It also depends on exactly how you’re staring at it, too. If you stare at anything for a long time, without blinking, your peripheral vision will slowly start to fade. This happens regardless of the light level in the room.