Staring for LD induction?

I was reading in LaBerge’s ETWOLD how LDers have used staring to wake themselves up from LDs. One LDer (Paul Tholey) said that he would stare at an object in an LD and the object would start to blur and he would wake up from between four and twelve seconds.

I want to know if staring could be used as an induction technique. The idea is, it would act as an RC too. During the day you could get into the habit of staring at objects. This behaviour would carry over into non-lucid dreams and when the object you are staring at starts to blur you know you are dreaming and can then either: start hand rubbing or spinning to “save” the dream, or wake up for a DEILD attempt.

That might work, but it could also run the risk of ending the dream before you’re really sure that you’re dreaming. Not to mention in my ND’s, when things start to blur I tend to blame it on my eyes. Still, if you think it might be helpful give it a try and tell us what you find :smile:.

It’s certainly something I want to try - it’s a little way down my list of “things to try” so I’ll get there eventually. :smile: I’ve found in my past lucids that I tend to get distracted really easily - even when I’ve previously memorised a list of actions I want to carry out once lucid, so I don’t know if I’d be able to look at one object long enough to notice any effect. I’m a little frustrated with my results MILDing so I want to try to think laterally to come up with something a bit different.

That doesn’t sound like a very good idea, since if you stare at something for about a minute in RL, it will also start to blur. If this happens, you’ll end up looking like an idiot while you are attempting to stabilize your “dream” in RL.