stars energy

Yesterday i watched amzing documentary on my favourite Discovery sci-trek.Thing was about greenhouse effect but they mentioned one inriguing issue.
I dont know if its any news…but for me…it is,and really amazing news.
Ok,…they said that everytime the star blows up it creates miliards of little energy pieces which are blown into the space.With little help of our sun they are reaching earth.Sciencists say that at least one such a piece goes through us every second!
Well,why my excitment?

Im not too spirituall person but it opened up my imagination- part of the star is allways within us…cosmic energy indeed is in us…we are under SOME influence of stars…hmm
Many religions bases on it,many cultures knew about it before they even knew who sciencist is.Intriguing:)

Anyways i decided to share this:)
ps.For people with weak imagination or heaps of scepticism id say it could be good method of concentrating.Imagining that energy coming to us…firstly its good for meditation,secondly…its really happening so i guess easier to adjust:)

there are also many (i think millions) of neutrinos going through your body ever second. They also come from the sun. If you had a 70 000 light year thick piece of lead this particle still has a 50% chance of going through it! I might become a neutrino in my next LD, that would be fun.