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Just heard about all this lucid dreaming stuff. Sounds pretty cool, albeit, a little weird.

Anyways, most of my dreams are like movies. I rarely see through my eyes…it’s always a thrid person view.

What I’m wondering is how to even perform the slightest action. All these tips say look at your hands, or spin around etc…Hell, for me thats impossible…it’d be like telling the actors on your TV screen what to do. I’ve tried everything I can think of…Even repeating to myself that I’m not going anywhere tonight, and if I suddenly find myself in a shopping mall (whatever), then I must be dreaming. I think I’m just too tired to bother controlling my dreams…LOL

It’s a shame…it’d be very theraputic to conjure up that snot nose kid who slashed my car tire, and beat the living hell out of him for a few hours. (real life would be better, but then theres that whole assault / get in crap from the law thing)

don´t worry about your 3rd perspective.I also have this,and i have lucid dreams (sometimes).
It occurs to me that you only remember your dreams as if you dreamed that in 3rd perspecitve,but in fact you dreamed in first perpective.Don´t know if this is true,but doesn´t matter.
When you have lucid dreams,you will be able to look at your hands and stuff,i am quite sure about that.
So,the only thing you have to learn is going lucid…


In my dreams, it’s like I see in both 3rd and 1st perspective. It’s really weird, like you’re watching yourself do stuff you do in dreams in a big mirror or something.

This lucid dreaming thing is really different (in a good way). Ever since I began trying to be lucid, I’ve remembered so much more. I mean, before I hardly remembered anything, but now I remember about 3 dreams per night. I can’t wait until I can control my dreams…just hope it doesn’t take too long. Beating up someone in a dream sounds like fun… lol. :cheesy:

I dont think i an remember a 3rd person point of view in my life. Well i quess i have never had to overcome this obstical. well gl on overcoming it. :wink:

I also sometimes remember normal dreams in 3d perspective. But only when I have good dream recall. Maybe in those dreams some parts of your brain that are responsable for the “self”-image are inactive…

When you do dream in 3rd perspective, do you always see yoursleves like you would do in real life? When I see myself (in 3rd perspective or in a mirror) in my dreams, I always look really distorted in my face, or I look like a comic figure. I remember a dream where I looked like Charlie Brown in “Peanuts”! :} Maybe I don’t have a very strong image of my face in my mind?
*looking in a mirror * :smile:

I don’t remember those dreams very well so I cannot speak about the little details of the “I” I see from third perspective. The strange thing is: sometimes THERE IS NO I. There is a dream with a story, but no I who participates. :confused: Strange :alien: .