Start of a LD or AP?

Last night I had a really weird feeling that I have never felt while sleeping before. Its quite hard to explain what I felt but it was along the lines of falling at quite a fast speed but didn’t feel like my body was falling downwards, if that makes any sense at all. It was really weird and it only happened for a few seconds but during that feeling I faintly remember seeing much more vivid hypnagogic imagery. Was that feeling the start of a LD? or was it something to do with AP?

I can’t reply to your question. :sad: Perhaps some people in the Beyond Dreaming forum could. I’ve moved your post into it.

Hmm… sounds like the weird sensations people get when they WILD. Tell me, were you asleep or awake? And what’s AP mean?

I guess it could have been either. Some people believe that the astral body does not reside within our body at all times as freely travels and we simply switch our consciousness from the physical to the astral.

So the sensation of falling fast could have been you feeling your astral body returning to you. Then again it may have just been WILD.

Yea i was trying to WILD that night that i felt that sensation of falling. I’m honestly not sure if i was awake or asleep but to remember a feeling like that so well makes me think I was probably still partly awake (or aware?). Kashmir, AP = Astral Projection.

´heh… the best way to go into Bright dream is by feeling that ur moving… that happend to u!! :content:

Hi empty_spaces. Sounds like OBE or WILD. Im no expert tho (im new here). I just know that the falling sensation and sometimes voices are associated with the slow process of losing conciousness.
If u are aware during this switchover u expierience these affects and HH.
This state of mind is close to lucidity and OBE. Good luck if thats what your trying to achieve. I am myself, but i keep waking up during the buzzing! :grrr:

Definitely sounds like one of WILD trances. I don’t really care if it’s a AP or LD, because they’re similar in my opinion… doesn’t make any differences… just different trances maybe, but same in princpiles (sp?). WILD can be an interesting thing to experience… I’m a hardcore WILDer and it never cease to surprise me time to time. It always have something in its sleeve. :smile: