Starting again

I’de just like to announce that I’m starting again, from stage one. That doesn’t mean I’ll take a break from the forums :wink: but I’m going to start with reality checks and so on.

It just feels shit to read that milod789 cut his arm off in a dream, or that PistGurl is… um… I’ve forgotten :wink: , and here I am with ~750 posts and “nothing to show for it”.

So I’m starting again. I even had a FLD last night which may already be a sign of good tidings!

I know what you mean, recently I could induce MILD’s pretty well, so I stopped writing in DJ, then stopped WBTB… and ended with no LD’s and practically no dream recall.
You’re in good position because you have motivation to start again. Reading other people’s DJ’s gives best motivation.
Good luck!

:lmao: :lmao: I see!

must’ve been dreaming…
time for a RC or two…

i have stopped for awhile, and it is amazing how good my dream recall really was know im lucky to remeber my dreams at all. I think i will start with a dream diary again get my recall upto scratch, and if no lds then atleast ill remember some weird and womderfull dreams.


yay! i’m not alone. i, too, have just restarted my dream journal with a little note to myself promising i’ll keep it up this time. i really need another lucid dream.

Once I had my first few LDs, I become over-confident about my abilitites, and stopped both MILD and keeping a DJ, depending solely on spontaneously induced LDs. And from there on, LDs became less and less frequent. Now, I’m lucky if I have more than 3 a month.

I suppose I, too, should start from scratch then. My only problem is motivation. I’m not sure if I want to LD that much, but I certainly wish to have that desire, if you know what I mean. Oh well, good luck to everyone who’s starting from scratch.

Well, good luck :grin:.

I would join you - but well, I’m still fairly new to this… so there’s not much point…

Let this be a warning to all you beginners: Don’t ever stop putting effort in your LD practice. Just because your LDs start to come easier does not mean that you can just stop doing techniques and let the LDs come. That’s just not the way things work.

Indeed Odd2k, if you stop working hard at it and just expect LD’s to come you will soon stop having LD’s

Nooo !!! That’s the wrong attitude. Don’t look at your LD’s as a chore or competition or anything. Keep it fun and exciting. Most importantly keep practicing !!! You have already had LD ‘s so you know you CAN do it. Just don’t make it so hard for your self. If you found that you have gotten lazy with doing RC and keeping a DJ then, I would say yes definitely go back to basics and take your RC’c and DJ seriously. Just try and do it in a way that is fun for yourself. I would not stop doing other techniques yet though. Maybe you have become board with MILD ( I believe you said that was your technique somewhere ) so maybe give WILD a try and see what happens.

BTW- I remember what pistgurl did. :smile:

Good luck

[color=indigo]wot? Wot I do?! :confused:

was it the…or the…ooooooh I get it :wink: [/color]