Starting from scratch! Need honest advise from everyone.

Hi everyone,

I will describe a normal day in my life.

[i]I normally wake up around 8:30am but sometimes i wake up earlier depending on the time i whent to bed. I go down to the kitchen and eat my breakfast. I normally eat 2-3 pieces of fruit, a small glass of yogurt and a spoon full of granola. Then i take a bath, get dressed and go to work. I work with my dad so i get in at 9:30 with him :happy:
I work on a desktop pc, so i normally sit infront of a PC untill around 2pm. I do take some breaks to stand up, walk around, drink some water (which leads to bathroom break :wink:) and most days i go buy some fruit around the corner. At 2pm i normally go to my house with my dad and eat(where i live we eat rice with any meat and some salad also fresh fruit juice and water :razz:). Then we leave for office again at around 3:30pm.I go back to sitting down untill 6pm with the same breaks i did in the morning(except for the fruit). After that we go pick up my grandma and give her a ride home. I normally get to my house around 8pm. I normally work out a bit and then take a bath. Then i eat some more fruit for dinner (sometimes i eat a sandwich or something like that it depends :grin:. After dinner i ALWAYS go out with my friends.
Reference to controlled substance removed :tardis: I normally get back home around 1-2am and my day starts again. On weekends i normally sleep till 10am and i go out with my friends around 2-3pm but we tend to get home later than in regular days, around 3-4am.

Now, during my day i have an alarm going off every hour reminding me to do a RC. I normally stop anything i am doing, do the finger throught palm RC and then i look around for anything that might not belong. I also do mantras while laying down on my bed with my eyes closed. I have 2 mantras i normally do, one is “I am dreaming” and the other one is “I remmember my dreams”. I repeat them for about 2-5 minutes, then i wait to fall sleep. Oh and i have a dream journal aswell, but it is almost empty since my recall is dead! [/i]

Basicly i want to change, so that i can have more lucid dreams. What i am asking of you, is to take an honest look at my day and tell me what should i change and why.
I am willing to change almost every aspect of my life, the only thing i can’t change is my job.

Thanks in advance for your replies, my best wishes to all of you.


Think about where you are, what you’re doing and how you got there often. Every time you walk through a doorway, maybe. Also, expect weird things to happen. “If I am dreaming right now, somebody will crash through the ceiling.” Things like that.

Write down anything about any dreams you had that you can remember, no matter how vague it is. Even something that small can lead to recall improvements.

Weekends, when you’re almost wide awake and ready to get out of bed, try just lying there forcing yourself to go back to sleep for half an hour or so. It helps if people are up and making noise or the birds are really loud. You might accidentally WILD while trying to get back to sleep.