Starting my journey

Hey y’all, i heard of this place from a ytb video. I’m very interested in lucid dreams and i’ve already tried to do LD in the past but i kinda dropped. But since it’s the holidays and that i’ve plenty time to rest i’m really hyped to start this journey back. Since i started to do reality check again i can remember my dreams more often, as example today i watched some video about lds and tried to do one right after on a nap, sadly it wasn’t an ld but i remembered my dream and i could write it in my dream journal !
I’m really aiming to become a lucid dreamer and if some of you guys have some advice i take everything


Hi and welcome!

Sometimes, just thinking of lucid dreaming and having the idea in your head will give a lucid dream within a couple of weeks 8) Writing down your dreams is already excellent advice. It teaches you to be aware of what your dreams are usually like.

Good luck!