Starting to maintain lucidity

I have recently been practicing lucid dreaming again with better success than before. I’ve had 2 LDs out of 3 times I’ve tried it this week. the problem is staying lucid. It’s not that I get excited or anything, it’s just the lucidity fades.

In the first LD I said aloud “lucidity x 1000” and felt a huge surge of energy as this happened. It increased my lucidity greatly but soon after I felt it getting fuzzy again and eventually I woke up. The second LD I didn’t perform any techniques and just woke up after a few seconds (maybe 15).

Anyone have any tips or insights on what I should do? Maybe just keep using the same technique over and over? I tried concentrating on a sidewalk to see the fine details but that didn’t work at all. Any help is much appreciated! :happy:

Rub your hands. That’s all I do. And when I’m not rubbing my hands I’m holding on to something (my arm, the wall, someone else…) so as to load my senses with information. Stimulating your senses in general (vision, smell, touch, taste, hearing… just in case you didn’t know) will help you keep in the dream. The more senses you stimulate the better your chances.

that’s great information, thank you! will I need to keep doing this or is it a one time gig?

As time goes on you should require less intense stabilization, but you will always have to stabilize it every so often in the dream, or you will risk losing it. The more you stabilize the more your chances increase, and the more vivid your dream becomes. So it’s up to you to decide where to draw the line.

good deal. Thanks for your prompt response. I’ll be sure to post feedback as soon as I have another LD :happy:

Some people spin, too… You might want to experiment to find out which works best for you.