Starting today!

[center]Hello guys :smile:
Starting today , Ok maybe since a few days ago, I have been trying to get LDs.
It is normal if a beginner doesn’t get it at first right?
Ok so I have this weird problem in trying to improve my dream recall skills. I have everything in check, a dream journal and a pen , both by my bed.
I’ve read that when you wake up , that period of time should be spent not moving to enable you to recall your dream better.

I would love to write my dreams out, but there is one bit of problem:
I can’t remember my dream at all. Not even when I just woke up immediatedly.
Like , instantly it just felt as if I haven’t dreamt.
This is a issue that has been bugging me these few days.
I feel as if I have not dreamt for 2 years ( start of problems )
Any suggestion/solutions?
I tried google.[/center]

As a beginner myself I know what you mean. Something that helped me was to lay in bed for a bit and just try to remember anything even if its a feeling or a color or anything. If you cant remember anything at all write down “I didn’t remember my dreams.” Also sometimes it helps to just start thinking of random things cause sometimes it’ll trigger a dream memory.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep - at least 7 or 8 hours. Theres other things that can affect your recall - drugs, alcohol, stress, etc.

Also, try to be more aware during the day. Stop and notice details in your surroundings.

Tell yourself before you go to sleep “I remember my dreams when I wake up.” and really believe it.

There are loads of things you can do to improve your recall. Search the forums. There’s loads of info. Most of all be patient and persevere. You’ll get it.