Startled out of sleep paralysis?

Hey all. I’ve consciously experienced sleep paralysis twice in my life–both times while lying in bed in the morning after waking up. The first time resulted in a brief lucid dream with low vividness and almost no control. The second time was this morning.

I was drifting around the edge of sleep, a dream-like sequence playing out in my head. I was controlling a character in third-person view, as if playing a video game. At some point I decided that it may make the vision clearer if I tried to imagine the world in first-person view from the character’s perspective. As soon as I did so, I felt sleep paralysis begin. I felt my whole body vibrating, which I anticipated. I also expected to hear loud buzzing sounds, but I didn’t. Then, suddenly, I heard one loud, brief buzz, and it startled me. After that, the vibrations got weaker, and I heard a low rumbling in my ears. I sat there while the paralysis faded and I returned to full consciousness.

What happened here? Is there a way to prevent sudden HH noises from startling me out of SP? I felt so close to achieving WILD :grrr:

Hi. I’m certainly no expert on all of this but just in case it helps, try to distance yourself completely from the vibrations, buzzing and anything else to do with what you’re body is experiencing. Try counting from 1-100, imagining each number, until you are completely paralysed. Then begin to imagine yourself flying through a vortex into a dream-world of your imagining. Imagine the sounds, sights, feelings. Imagine it in all its detail, then allow yourself to enter it. The Buzzing shouldn’t startle you if you expect it and ignore it. Also, don’t open your eyes during sleep paralysis if you are easily startled, as the hallucinations you may see are scary shit.
Hope this helped a little

Yea, you let your emotional state become too tense/startled. It’s really just a matter of practice and trying to remember that these things happen. Just try to get to the point of being a very detached observer. You just passively try to note things that happen without letting them impact you emotionally.

it’s a learning practice, and the more you do it the more you become used to what you will experience and the easier it is to stay detached.