State saving in dreams?!

If you ever played any game on an emulator you may know the sate saves: you can save a ‘state’ of the game at any moment you like through the emulator, and load it as well.
As I’m and addicted player, I keep doing this all the day, and now, somehow, it’s geting into my dreams!
Like, I’m dreaming of running then I hit a rock and fall, it’s like I(not the dream ‘me’, it’s like my SC) think “oh, that’s not good, it would be better if I jumped that rock”, then the dream rollsback to some moments before I hit the rock and, this time, instead of hitting it I’ll jump it. Just like ‘I’ thought I should have done. :eh:
I barely remeber the “deleted” scenes, but I know they existed, they happened and, sometimes, I even remeber that thought of my SC. I don’t conciously control it in any way, I’m not lucid in no moment, but my mind, like a part of it that’s aware of everything, keeps doing that.
It’s geting a little annoying, but it’s so interesting, I’m amazed by how this happens.
Anyone experienced something like that? Any thought of how/why it happens?
I think my mind is so used to do this in the games that it got ‘addicted’ to it somehow :tongue:

This has only happened to me on one occasion, in which I noticed three different endings to one dream. I wasn’t lucid, and neither did I consciously decide to have different endings. It just so happened that I didn’t like how it ended, so I was able to have a second (and third) chance.

Here’s the dream, in case you want to take a look:

Hey Genki

wow thats really cool, so u can actually do that consistently in your dreams? ( i mean 2 things by consistently, one, in most of ur dreams, and 2, you can continue repeating the effect as long as you feel like it?) for me ive only done this 2 times, and it worked pretty well for 3 time rewinds, ( i dunno what u would call it :tongue: ) afterwards, it wasn’t realistic, and just didn’t make any difference. Yeah video games affect dreams i reckon, i started doing the rewind thing from the prince of persia game. :content: I reckon once you start doing the same action if you’re unsatisfied in the game (reload, rewind etc) u might start subconciously doing it when ur unsatisfied with ur dream. just my 2 cents :cool:

Yes, I’ve had this occasionally. In fact, I can quite often ‘roll back’ time, though not in a game kind of way. But it’s funny you should mention this today, because this morning I had a dream in which I “saved” the dream like a game many times! I’ve yet to finish typing it up, but I will be posting said dream up in my journal in an hour or two if you want to read it.

Well, for me it was quite different to what you describe. I did remember everything that went wrong (the ‘deleted scenes’), and I was certainly consciously controlling it. In fact, it was a source of much frustration for me, because things kept going majorly wrong and I had to keep saving them every few seconds. It was very complicated, actually.

Why it happens? Well, to me it seemed obvious that it was to undo my mistakes in a way that would allow me to return to a specific moment instead of undoing all my previous work at once. In this situation I had a number of very specific tasks that had to be done in a certain order in a very short period of time, and if I did even a tiny thing wrong or took too long about it, everything fell apart. So I needed a way to ‘save’ what I had done right, so I wouldn’t have to go back to the beginning and do the entire thing all over again!

Oh, so it’s not just me. Then probably it isn’t related to the games at all.

Yep, it’s not every night, but my recall is getting really bad and I don’t remeber it very well, it’s like the “new” scenes overwrite the others, so probably I have that much more than I think I do. And sometimes it happens 5 times in a row, that’s pretty annoying :bored:

You mean you were lucid? Or just that your dream self was doing that?

Nope, I just control things in dreams without being lucid. It’s hard to explain if you don’t already know what I mean. I mean, I can usually think somewhat clearly and logically in dreams (although said logic often comes out rather skewed, lol). I don’t get lucid dreams that often, but one thing I have noticed from the ones I do get is that there is very little difference in the way I think in both types of dreams. (Except I’m a lot more self-conscious and easily embarrassed in lucid dreams.)