Staying Calm During WILDS

Last night i tried a WILD for the first time, it was about 10 o’clock at night.
I lay in my bed and close my eyes, I had my radio tuned to tripple J at a moderate volume (I always fall asleep with the radio on). I relaxed my whole body and started counting my breaths “one, i am dreaming. two, i am dreaming. 3 i am dreaming.” and so on, but no matter how long i tryed for i couldnt get far, so i gave up and decided to try it after 5-6 hours sleep.

    I woke up about 5am and got up to get a drink of coke, i got back in bed and started again "one, i am dreaming, two i am dreaming" i was very tired so i lost concentration a few times and my mind drifted, when i lost count i would start from one again, then about roughly 10-15 minutes when my mind had drifted and i am in a semi-concious state i start to feel a buzing feeling and an audible ringing in my ears, i realize that these are the feeling that everyone talked about and think to myself "wow these guys are for real" i then started getting very excited and my heart starts beating like crazy, i try to relax and feel the buzzing, it got stronger and stronger, i then thought to myself "what do i do now?" so i tryed to move my dream body but i only move my real body and wake myself up. I guess that i was too excited to enter a dream state so i relaxed for ten minutes and tryed again. When i felt the buzzing for the second time, it wasnt as strong, i let the feeling build up then tryed to imaging myself floating over the bed, but once again my heart starts beating like crazy. so i give up.

anyone else had these problems? how can i remain calm while i am getting the buzzing? how long do i have to stay at the buzzing stage before i move on, and when i do move on, what do i do?

thanx in advance for all your help.

I also have similar problems with WILD. But there is another thing that disturb me. After some time of doing WILD occasionally my muscles tense suddenly, just for a part of a second but it enough to arouse me. It is as if someone was shaking me. I had this about 10 times this night while trying WILD. Anyone knows what is it? :eh:

I wish I could help you out, but I am only the third person with this problem. I don’t think I get to the part with the buzzing but there are times when I feel myself in my head only, but my heart starts beating real fast even though I am calm. I think it might be from anticipating the dream, so I’m guessing the only way around this is to practice.

Yeah, I’ve had that problem too. I got that vibration feeling and I feel like I’m losing my body and I only exist in my head but then I got really exited and it just kind of stopped. I’ve had the vibration feeling once since then but it wasn’t as strong. It sucks. :neutral:

I’ve only felt the vibrations about twice my whole life. I seem to skip past that part. I have felt my heart pounding though, sometimes I wonder if it is my heart. Or if is some other sensation that just feels like my heart. It does however hinder my advances if I notice it. :neutral:

I have no idea what this is. I once had an extreme case. While I was trying for WILD, my left leg started to shake violently. :bored: Strange. I tried to ignore it, but it was shaking the whole bed. :happy: I laughed it off and tried again, unsuccessfully. I assume that this is due to the body trying to “paralyze” the muscles to sleep while we remain “consciously” active over them. An “internal feud” of sorts. :shrug:

The few times I’ve had success with WILD is with this technique, counting your breaths. I wouldn’t give up and keep trying. I seem to start to lose focus before I get to 20. I just have to “re-focus” myself. It’s not important keeping track of the number, you can skip a few if you forget where you are. The goal is to remain focused enough to count coherently, not calculate your taxes. :wink: But I usually notice progess around 20 counts.


Apollo. I’ve noticed the thing you’re talking about happen to other people while they’re falling to sleep. My girlfriend quite otfen falls to sleep on me, and just before she goes to sleep that always happens to her. So maybe its just something that happens to as before we go to sleep, or at least a few people?

I have the problem where I feel like I am choking and I feel like I am hyperventilating. Anyone else have this problem?

Yup. :confused:

I had that problems too. Once I was laying on my bed and then suddenly something lifted me up, so I was standing on my bed,or should I say flying, and the feeling was so real… But it scared the shit out of me, I heard screaming, train, traffic, everything mixed up ant that strange wibration over me, and I started to scream, and I just wanted to go back into my body…
And then I opened my eyes, my body was still paralised for a few seconds and my heart was beating like crazy!

well, I think, I just need more practice :alien:

I have the same problem, everytime I have the vibrations… followed by that quiet period, I have some hypnogogic images but seem to be unable to get past that.

Because whenever I start having the vibrations, I get to excited and never allow myself to start dreaming, it’s like an unconscious response. I bring myself back to consciousness and then it starts to repeat itself again.

Maybe this is something you’ll have to figure out by yourself, because everybody’s sleepcycle is different, but it would be awfully nice to have some tips from one of the experts on this, since it seems a lot of people are having the same problem.

I think it’s an advantage to not be able to sleep on your back. I always sleep on my side, but I can’t WILD on the side, because I fall to sleep much too easily.

Right after I hear the short buzzing I start to vibrate. Then I wait for short time and stand up from the bed, or if vibrations are too violent, I just let myself to drop the bed, and so the vibrating stops and I can start doing whatever I want.

But few times the sound just doesn’t stop, and my body continues to vibrate. In these cases you are just in the middle of being awake and being in sleep.
Only solution I’ve found is to open your eyes which will end the shaking and wake you up, and then try to get WILD again with better luck.
Usually it takes just few seconds until you’re vibrating again…

Alright…I wish to perform a WILD…I’m very sleepy, and I’m timing myself to go to sleep at 8…

I just need to know how to perform a WILD…What has worked most for you? I need detailed steps…


Edit: My sleepiness…ugh…is there anyway to perform a wild if your really really tired without having to sleep 3-5 hours?


I don’t think it matters how tired you are. I mean, sure, you will find it much easier to go to sleep, but there is still the 90 or so minutes that you have to be asleep before you start to dream.

That’s why you have to sleep a few hours BEFORE trying a WILD.

You are correct, for me the best amount of sleep before trying WILD is about 5-6 hours.