STAYING UP at night

I notice that some people are very good at staying up all night (even without taking stimulants such as coffee). Is this just a natural thing or do you need to cultivate this nocturnal lifestyle?

I stay up late, almost everyday but that’s because I just can’t fall asleep, kind of like insomnia. But before, it was definitely out of habit, for me I think it’s just a natural thing.

Why would you stay up all night? I think there are better things to do. Guess what?! :grin:

If they do it a lot then it’ll be natural to them, but for most people I imagine the first few nights will be forced. Maybe something they want to watch on TV will make them stay up later a few nights in a row and then it’ll be hard to go back to sleep at an earlier time.

I can pull off all-nighters when I’m really motivated, like when I want to see Santa Claus. :tongue:
(It worked, and I stayed up through the night, but I couldn’t work up the courage to try to see Santa without him seeing me. I would’ve had a very different childhood if I did, lol.)

However, it’s not a good thing to practice imo, especially considering it hinders your LDing ability AND your DR.

Usually when I have a lot of free time in a row, my schedule veers into the nocturnal. I am a night person by default and have trouble getting up in the morning, but it gets really bad during holidays, when I usually stay up until 2am minimum, but sometimes I stay awake through the night and go to sleep at 7am or something. But I have to compensate for it with the fact that I sleep a lot during the daytime.

I have to be honest, i’m pretty much nocturnal lately… Although that is more due to a student lifestyle mixed with the fact it’s deadline season. :tongue:

Tape eyelids
mission accomplished :clap:

I sometimes become absorbed into a very great video game (Final Fantasy 6! :clap:) and this can keep me awake for hours with ease.
Another thing that tends to be a real time-killer is to watch Discovery and National Geographic Channel, those channels are surprisingly addictive.

I happen to stay awake all night, i don’t know why exacly but i have the feeling if i sleep, i may naver wake up wich is silly cause i know it would not happen… It like there is something forcing me to find better stuff, even boring stuff to do =/ For the thing about it more hard when you don’t sleep too munch at night and then try to sleep sooner then you would do but it will be difficulte is actually kinda false for me ; u ;

I can sleep on what ever hours and it will change nothing, same goes to when i stay awake…? Maybe it varies ont peoples…?

I dream less while I’m asleep. And it’s poorer quality.


[color=olive]Staying up late usually comes natural from something like an assignment, art/music, or gaming keeping me up late over a course of afew days to a week. I also tend to get the best ideas or have more epiphanies, thoughts, and ideas around 1 or 2am opposed to anytime during the day.[/color]

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