Stefano's Binaural Beats - SuperRelaxer

Hello Dreamers,

You wish to relax after a busy day? Or just want a moment to rest?
‘‘SuperRelaxer’’ is a binaural beat made by Stefano Rodriguez using SBaGen. You can listen this binaural beats to relax, to chill.

This binaural beats can make you very relaxed.

I hope you like this binaural beats.

The river sounds in the video are produced by Jim Peters from SBaGen and are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
However the audio and visual content in this video (this binaural beats and any other audio and/or visual content in this video) are copyrighted by Stefano Rodriguez may not be copied, reused or reproduced in any way without permission of Stefano Rodriguez.
For questions about this please contact:

© 2017 Stefano Rodriguez


Audio and visual content of this video: Stefano Rodriguez
Binaural Beats: Stefano Rodriguez
River Sounds: Jim Peters
Software used to make this binaural beats: SBaGen

Thanks to SBaGen I could make this binaural beats.

Official Website SBaGen:

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