Stephen LaBerge's dream laboratory


I stumbled on a very interesting website today. This is the first time I see what Stephen LaBerge’s dream research laboratory really looks like. The page is originally in German, but it’s all about the pictures :wink:

P.S. The lucky guy Daniel Erlacher has had an opportunity to do a practical course with Stephen LaBerge, so there are also some interesting papers in that site. Hope You like it :content: That lucky ******* :gni: [/color]

Wow thx for the link!! At last we get to see a glimpse of the Holy Ground of LDing research at the laboratories of the Lucidity Institute :content:
This is only the 2nd picture I get to see of LaBerge. The first one was way too blurry :smile:

Hahaha I want one of those cute white hat. :content:
I hope to go there someday to help them out. :dream:

wow that’s a lot of electrodes!