Stepping through a mirror?

Should i consider stepping trough a mirror in my LD? I love exploring places and i heard that it will take you to strange places. Has anyone tried it out and can anyone tell me what did you find?

Yeah, you should make a short list of goals you want to do in your LDs, just so you don’t waste them. I also heard about how many people stepped through mirrors to amazing places. But, when I tried I just ended up back at where I was lolol. Once I ended up in the abyss.

I don’t get how one is supposed to go through a mirror. Are you meant to imagine that the mirror is a reflection of something else before you look at it? And then imagine yourself in that area when you stare at it? Or do you just put your hand through it (when the reflection is normal) and expect yourself to be suddenly whisked away into different reflected area? :eh:

I believe the thought of stepping through a mirror would take you to somewhere mirrored (opposite) of where you are. well the best mirror i conjured up in a dream was a rusty window sized piece of crap, i climbed through it with little energy expense though, i ended up just reversing gravity -.- and getting stuck on the roof until i made my way back through, it was an experience for the books though.

A mirror might have a different effect based on what you would believe would happen, but I tried stepping through a window once with complete success. It even had blinds on it, I just placed my hand on the blind itself, pushed on it, and my hand passed through it. Before you know it, my entire upper half was sticking out of a window leading somewhere else entirely, before leaning backwards to bring myself back into the building.

It’s a weird experience, but something I’d definitely recommend.