Steps to lucid dreaming

Can you tell me how to do it?

Check out the site.

It lists a number of techniques (namely: MILD, WILD, RC’s and keeping a DJ).

well I’m no expert on LD’s cos I only had one so far . I didn’t use any tehniques I only ate a banana 1 hour before bed. But the thing is i didn’t even had the intention of becoming lucid…It just happened by itself :wink:


ive had 6 LDS this wek that “just happened” so it coming on its own isnt amazing, i suggest you let your mind wonder as you lay in bed

Hi LoveFairy,

First of all, you should have a look at the “What”," First" and “How” buttons of the LD4all main page. You can find there a lot of good tips.

Then you have to increase your dream recall.

Once it is good enough, you have to choose a technique. There is a sticky thread about it. You can find it in this very section:How to Choose Your Technique.

And you can also read the LD4ALL Forum Guidelines - Read this First! topic, especially the “Before Posting a new topic” chapter. :tongue: