Still no LDs

Its been almost a year since I came to this forum and I tried very hard to achieve lucidity, but I gave up a few months after. The past few days, in my dreams I kind of get this feeling to start trying LDs again and thats when I remembered this forum. Am I the only one who, after a year hasn’t achieved lucidity? I need tips on how to get back to Lucid dreaming, it seems im not as exited as the first day I discovered ld4all, but I still keep on trying :grin:

Your not the only one. Me.

Well, it has been around 6+ Months.

You have great patience, like I do (I don’t mean to brag). You seem to be in the same boat as me, as over 2 years I have gotten 4 lucid dreams.
The only suggestion I can think of is to keep trying and take breaks if you become very frustrated.

I’ve been going for 2-3 years now with not one LD. (I don’t try very hard though, and I’ll keep a DJ for maybe a month with about 6 months in between :razz: ) I’ve told myself I’ll start trying harder once I get out of school though, 'cause waking at 6:30 doesn’t bode too well with recalling dreams XD. However, if I am trying to lucid dream, my dream recall skyrockets with about 3-4 dreams remembered per night. For that I am very happy, I could never remember my dreams before I learnt of lucid dreaming. By remembering my dreams I have something interesting to think about for a good 15-30 minutes of the day :smile: