Stomach Ache for few days?

I have been sick for two days with upset stomach, etc. I find that very unusual. I’m wondering if anyone have had the same experience?
For me, I usually only am sick with upset stomach for maybe 1 or 2 hours then I’m all better. Still now, I have a hard time eating because I’m afraid that I’ll upset my stomach even more, but yet, I know I need to eat. :neutral:

Any tips? Oh not that pink stuff please… hahaha. :wink:
Thank you in advance.

Apples are the only thing I can eat when I feel like that, I usually peel one and cut it up into pieces and nibble it slowly.
Hope your feeling better soon.

Motilium works excellent and pretty fast in those cases.
Or perhaps your blood sugar level is pretty low. Drinking some coke might help.

Get well soon ok? :smile:

Thanks. :wink:

By the way, Motilium must be prescripted by doctor here. :razz: Perhaps my sugar blood is low indeed… but that shouldn’t affect my stomach ache. :bored:

Perhaps, I can try eating apple sauce, but… I’m afraid. :nodnodwinkwink:

aww. could it be food poisoning, if you don’t normally experience stomach problems for more than a few hours then i would assume it’s not the usual causes.

Anyways i would suggest eating anything that will pass through the system fast thus “flushing out” any food/drink that may have caused the problem.

However if the average thing is likely to make you sick, one thing i can always eat regardless of how irritable my stomach is would be Chicken Soup and some bread. Never failed me in 22yrs :smile:

Chicken soup… indeed. I don’t have it here. :crying: Crackers work too, but I don’t have it either. :sad: Oh well. Thanks :smile: For the tip!

Hmmm… Lie down, take it easy, eat some broth stuff that won’t make you sick, have super hot baths, and you’ll be better super soon!
Sorry to hear your sick DM7! Feel better soon!

A case of beer will get your tummy feeling better.

yeah seems like food poisoning unfortunately seeing how long you have had it for dont think there is much you can really do other than let it pass
fluids always helps and that soup sounds good. get well soon

It could be food poisioning or a weak version of flu. No idea yet. I only ate 3 slices of bread today. :bored: Two days with very little meals. Not good. I’m still sick. :razz: I tried to sleep it off recently for 3 hours and now my stomach is still stubborn. :cry: It’s weird… I think I need some help. :help:

Drink a warm cup of chamimile(sp?) tea with a bit of honey.
It’s helped me anytime I get a stomach ache.

Yeah chamomile tea helps a lot, but I need some real food. :razz: I just ate other slice and now my stomach is getting upset again. sighs But the bread is only thing I seem to be able to hold. :bored:

Seems like you need a big dose of Mtoker!!! :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:
You’re too funny. :content:

By the way everybody, thanks for the tips. Today I was sick with fever, but I slept a lot. It seems to help a lot so that’s good. I think it was a weak version of weird flu. :tongue:

Thanks again! :content: See ya sometimes.

shake up a coke until theres no carbonation, then drink it slowly.

Acidophilus (sp?). It’s a miracle worker, obtain it if you can, preferably in liquid form. Always makes my stomach strong like bull!

Oh, and weed works too. :smile:

erm… well I have no idea. I’m just a little kid. But I hope you feel better!! Oh yeah, 7 up might be better than coke. No coloring and all…

How about an Asperin?

If all else fails DM7…its NEvEr too late to drop the doctor a visit DeSPiTe how much u do not want to go, its 4 the best if u ReaLLy want to see what is wrong :wink:

Hope all is well w/ u buddy ^_~