Stomach Ache

i was thinking… if cheese is supposed to make you go lucid because it stays in your stomach longer than normal food and your body reacts to it weird by giving you weird dreams, would you get a LD by going to bed with a stomach ache?

Ya know, I don’t know much about that, but I would not suggest going to sleep with a stomach ache (when it is avoidable). It is not the most pleasant way to spend your night. My only experience with stomach aches and dreams is that I didn’t have any. Dreams, that is. :tongue: I was too uncomfortable and woke up, frustrated and hurting. Give it a go though. See what happens.

yeah, i’m not wanting a stomache ache, i just thought that it might lead to weird dreams, but you are right you don’t get much sleep when you have pain , anywhere for that matter.

I find the best aide for any kind of feeling of being sick is sleep. Usually I will sleep through whatever the problem is and wake up refreshed… unless i’m actually sick… then it will still be there in the morning.

Hehe. Oftentimes when im going to bed i’ll be hungry (no its not cuz we got no food, its cuz im just too tired to eat sometimes and just wanna sleeeeeeeeep) but then i cant fall asleep and my stomach hunger-aches, it always wins! But sometimes i wake up in middle of night or in morning, think ‘okay i wanna WILD’ but i cant cuz i later find my stomach is going ‘feeeeeed meeeeeeee’ again. Sometimes tho it will just make sounds which wakes me up - happens a lot more if i turn to the side or something, which makes sense…so i try to keep still, hehe.

Ive had weird dreams while sick, though, or when i go to bed in abnormal circumstances (pain, overly tired, fever, miserable, etc). As far as LD occurrance, nah i dont have enough of them to really know (and havent been sick for awhile while LD occurrance has increased :cool_laugh: ), though overly tired usually results in no dream recall. :cry:

Hehe, its really late right now, and im really hungry, visiting the forums before i go to bed, ignoring my stomach for like an hour, i just turned on the oven to make me a frozen pizza mid-post, hehe.

I find that when I’m really sick I have insanely vivid dreams and they seem to last a long time. Not sure why that is but it almost always happens…

yeah thats what i’m talking about can the vivid dreams from stomache aches be easier to go lucid during than just a normal dream.

i always wake up around like 6 a.m. STARVING TO DEATH

but i’m quite good at suppressing it… it really is a huge distraction though and makes WILDing unpleasant…

what’s weird is when I finally get up, many hours later, I’m not too hungry at all.

Same here…

maybe we are brothers, just separated and not twin…

is noob

we’re all brothers of the earth, man.


dig it!