Stop Drop And Roll

So, this post is going to be about the the Technique in Stop, Drop and Roll :smile:
So as far as i understand, the stop drop and roll is NOT about going to SP (or is it)?
Anyways i really have never been able to sleep on my back or stomach, but is this is ideal way of entering SP? or can u enter it in the Roll, in the SDnR? i mean going into a SP ON YOUR SIDE, or is the SDnR only for going into; Mind asleep Body Asleep :smile:?
Thanks :smile:

Can you provide a link to that technique?

I actually have seen this video before. I think this is for the WILD method.

Dont think so :smile: but im not sure if u go into a Body asleep mind awake SP here :meh:

Or is this just a way to make you fall asleep at night? then waking up 4-6 hrs after and inducing a WILD SP? Because i have a hard time inducing SPs

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If I recall correctly, the guy that made the technique said in an extended video to do this after sleeping at first. His entire technique is based around sleep paralysis and is slightly more based on OBE induction than LD, but it works for both (having an LD is a step to OBE, or so he implies in another video).

In the end, he is only describing a way to use SP for WILD. It’s really just a re-branding, though he makes a few changes here and there and it is a little easier than laying on your back waiting for SP.

The idea behind SDR is that it gives your bodies the right signals for SP and tires it out as well. To be honest, I had no more success with it than any other SP induction method. Like anything else that claims to be a “holy grail,” it’s effectiveness will vary.

Hmm, i tried WILD’ing a couple of times, but no luck getting into SP, so i just wondered if u could induce it on the side (SDR)

While it is supposedly easier on your back (according to some anyway), it’s not necessary at all. I’ve gone into SP on my stomach and my side, though it is more frequent on my back. SDR can help induce it a little easier if you’re going for your side.

Hmm ok :smile: i have a problem already with entering a SP, so i dont know if i should try to do it on my back (if u say it is easier)